Batman’s a dick, the whole world is turning evil and Lex Luthor proves better than our heroes. But a glimmer of a chance arises despite the Legion of Doom’s onslaught.

Justice League 6
Written by Scott Snyder 
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez 
Colors by Alejandro Sanchez 

This happens every time I start reading a Scott Snyder story. It starts out great. It’s crazy, big things are happening and his main conflict puts summer blockbuster films to shame. And then, by a few issues in, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on because SO MUCH Is happening all at once. I lose track when I’m waiting a month (or even just two weeks, as the case is here) to read the next chapter. Snyder writes a story that plays perfectly in a collected edition (like DARK NIGHTS: METAL or NO JUSTICE), but it’s really lacking when it plays out issue-to-issue.

I honestly never felt that way about Grant Morrison’s run on JLA back in the 1990s, and Morrison was out there with a lot of the stuff he did.

Much like Morrison’s ROCK OF AGES arc in JLA, Luthor is continuing his search for an all-powerful relic to bring down the Justice League, and he’s mind controlling Superman – from inside his body – to do it. Thankfully, Batman is in there, too, and he managed to escape Luthor’s traps in his own sociopathic little way.

And they say Superman is a dick!

The tides are turning as the issue comes to a close and our heroes are starting to figure out how to beat Luthor, who’s found his way to the Totality, and we should be getting a pretty good battle coming up. The League has to defeat the Still Force, the Ultraviolet Lanterns, Luthor’s Totality and whatever other weird concepts Snyder throws in to the mix. It may be a bit much, but I’m betting it’ll be fun.