With DC UNIVERSE, the company’s upcoming streaming service, getting closer to release, a trailer for the TITANS series gives Dick Grayson a controversial take on his mentor, Batman.

Focusing on the young heroes of the DC Universe, TITANS is set to be the leading centerpiece of the streaming service. The new series will feature Dick Grayson as Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire and Hawk and Dove. The show has been developed by Greg Berlanti, one of the architects of the ARROWVERSE on the CW, along with Geoff Johns and Akiva Goldsman.

From the trailer we got today, it’s pretty clear this new series is going to be even darker than the darkest scenes on ARROW.

“Fuck Batman.” I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

I don’t understand why DC Comics continues to push these dark adaptations of characters who are meant to be bright, shining beacons of hope. Dick Grayson, especially, has constantly been portrayed in the comics as the complete antithesis of the darkness that permeates with his mentor, Batman. While he also suffered a terrible tragedy as a child, Grayson still holds a positive outlook on his life. After all, he was taken in by a billionaire and given a life most kids could only dream about.

The portrayal of Grayson here is a continuation of the trend of DC Comics characters put in another medium that completely misses the point of what that character is supposed to represent.

It’s also weird that they’re portraying him as Robin and not Nightwing, though hopefully that changes over the course of the first season, since working with the Titans is where Grayson switched superhero personas. Created in 1940, Grayson was Robin in the comics until 1984, when he changed his superhero persona.

Grayson was Robin for about 44 years. In the 34 years since he switched to Nightwing, there have been four sidekicks to Batman who’ve taken up the Robin mantle in continuity: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and now Damian Wayne.

TITANS will debut on DC UNIVERSE some time this fall. The streaming service has opened up for pre-orders, with a $7.99 monthly pricetag, or a limited offer to pay $74.99 up front for a full year.