The Dark Gods want a sacrifice and Wonder Woman’s brother is willing to give it to them!

Wonder Woman 50
Written by James Robinson 
Pencils by Emanuela Lupacchino, Jesus Marino and Stephen Segovia
Inks by Ray McCarthy, Jesus Marino and Stephen Segovia
Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

The strange, sad saga of Wonder Woman’s twin brother Jason has come to an end.

An idea conceived by Geoff Johns during his DARKSEID WAR story in JUSTICE LEAGUE, James Robinson picked up the thread here over the last few months and built to what could have been an epic story about a new pantheon of gods coming and taking over the world. Instead, it was a fairly pedestrian story with Wonder Woman and her brother being the main focus of a battle that apparently wiped out all the other heroes right off the bat.

In the finale of the DARK GODS arc, which coincided with the 50th issue of the Rebirth-era Wonder Woman book, Jason finally figures out what it takes to be a hero and uses the powers of the old gods to concoct a plan to defeat the dark ones. He offers himself up to the invaders in exchange for their leaving Earth and restoring things to the way they were.

The arc had flashes of brilliance, but unfortunately never quite reached its potential. It seems to be a calling card of Robinson’s of late. After becoming a critical darling with STARMAN and his Elseworlds tale THE GOLDEN AGE, his 21st Century work has just been lacking something.

At the very least, Robinson cleared up that loose thread of Diana’s twin brother. I’m sure we’ll see Jason again, somewhere down the road, but I’m in no rush for any new stories about him.