The new era of Superman continues with the second issue of the weekly event!

The Man of Steel 2
Written by Brian Michael Bendis 
Pencils and Inks by Evan Shaner, Jason Fabok and Steve Rude 
Colors by Alex Sinclair 

After the first two issues, hopefully anyone worried about Brian Bendis writing Superman have been calmed. Bendis has walked into Metropolis like he owns the city. He’s made it his own quickly, and reading his take on not just Superman but everyone in the City of Tomorrow feels right.

While Bendis is building his own mythos around the death of Krypton with the new villain Rogol Zaar, I’m far more interested in what the former Marvel architect is doing with Clark Kent and the rest of the staff of the Daily Planet. The addition of new reporter Robinson Goode, introduced in the DC NATION one shot last month, is throwing a new dynamic to the usual staff, especially as she seems determined to find out what’s happening with Lois Lane. She’s representing the rest of the readers, who are also waiting for some answers as to Lois and Jon Kent’s whereabouts during present-day scenes.

Whatever is happening with Lois and Jon, and the teases we’ve gotten the first two issues are clearly leading to something being off with the family, there’s some other stuff going on with the Planet.

Man, I’ve been there…

Two issues in, Bendis’ run with Superman is exceeding my expectations. I just hope we get some answers – about Lois and Jon, about the mysterious arsonist in Metropolis and about who bought the Daily Planet – soon. Thankfully, this is a weekly miniseries.