SUPERGIRL returns from a hiatus in time for a reunion of the Schott family after getting word that Winn’s father, the Toyman, has died.

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

What a weird way to come back from a two-month long hiatus. With a challenge of apocalyptic proportions looming, as the big bad is shoring up allies while her alter ego is trying to figure out what’s going on with her body, we return to National City for a Schott family reunion. After hearing the news that Winn’s dad has left this mortal coil, he’s reunited with his mother – played by Laurie Metcalf. That’s a pretty big get for the CW, isn’t it? Metcalf was recently nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her performance in LADY BIRD and is back on TV regularly over on ABC’s revival of ROSEANNE.

Winn isn’t all that pleased to see his mom, who abandoned him all those years ago. But she has a good excuse: Winn’s dad threatened to kill Winn if she ever came near him again. Now that the Toyman is dead, she thinks it’s OK to reunite with her son. WRONG. The elder Schott has an executor of his final wishes who puts in an all-out assault trying to kill Winn. But the Schott family retaliates with a Kryptonian, a Daxamite and a highly-trained soldier. Even with the animatronic dragon, she didn’t have a chance.

The other big news in the episode comes from the 31st Century, as Mon-El tells Kara that the third World Killer, Pestilence, eventually becomes the Legion enemy Blight, so Imra and Brainiac 5 manipulated Mon-El to “accidentally” come back to the 21st Century to end the threat early. Clearly, the lessons of FLASHPOINT haven’t made it over to Earth 38.

Also, J’onn’s father is suffering from early-onset Martian dementia and is concerned about forcing his son to take care of him as his mental acuity deteriorates. I’m not sure The CW understands the audience watching this show…

This was an unfortunate choice for a return episode, especially since it pushed the overall season story to the back burner. I was hoping the show would come back swinging with some action, and the decision to go with an episode focused on the Schott family seems weird.

From the preview for next week, business is about to pick up, though, and we finally get to see Mon-El in a more comics-accurate outfit! Hopefully, next week is a strong rebound.