Delays Make DC’s Doomsday Clock Bi-Monthly

The minute hand is being pushed back for DC Comics’ major maxiseries, DOOMSDAY CLOCK, as news circulating today says the book will be going bi-monthly in order to accommodate artist Gary Frank.

With the third issue of the 12-issue series set for release this Wednesday, comics site Newsarama reported that the series would be going bi-monthly, with the fifth issue set for a May release. The series was already announced as skipping two months in order to give Frank a cushion to keep the book on schedule. Unless the book returns to a monthly schedule, the delays mean DOOMSDAY CLOCK won’t see its final issue until the middle of 2019. Frank later tweeted to confirm the story.

Just last week, DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio HINTED that new series starring the Justice Society and the Legion of Superheroes were tied to “an event story” that was currently being published, which many believe was DOOMSDAY CLOCK. After the SECOND ISSUE, it was revealed that the story was taking place a year into the future of the DC Universe and the books the company is publishing right now would “catch up” to what was happening in the maxiseries.

DC Comics has built up a lot of goodwill since the beginning of the Rebirth era in 2016, with its universe of comics either building toward this story or Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights: Metal series. While many fans on Twitter responded to Frank in support of the artist, wanting to continue the quality of DOOMSDAY CLOCK‘s two released issues, others have expressed frustration at the news. Given how far away we are from even the scheduled end of the series, there’s still plenty of time to make adjustments to any of the stories that would have tied into the series’ end, but that surely won’t stop fan speculation over what the plans were and how these delays would have affected them.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK 3 is set for release on Wednesday. Look for a review later this week.