League of Legends All-Star Event Day 3 (12/9) 1v1 Tournament Semi-finals

Day 3 brings the Semi-Finals in the 1v1 All-Stars Tournament.

The semi-finals in the 1v1 tournament will also be a best of three match. Tonight, we’ve got Bjergsen vs Jisu and Uzi vs Pray. The mid versus top laner fight is up first and then we’ll watch the battle of the AD carries who just faced off against each other on the Summoner’s Rift for a full three game match.

Bjergsen vs Jisu Game 1
Bjergsen sees Jisu lock in Draven and decides to lock in Zoe for himself. Zoe vs Draven seems like a really interesting matchup.

Jisu’s Draven meets Bjergsen’s Zoe before minions spawn and pokes Zoe down sharply, but they both recall and return to begin the real game.

Bjergsen managed to pick up an ignite just before 4 minutes for Zoe’s w and had Jisu down to single digit health but miraculously Jisu lived!

The cs is staying very closely even.

Bjergsen managed to take Jisu out in an excellent all-in just before Jisu could pick up the health relic to manage to escape just barely again. Bjergsen wins the first game and edges closer to the finals!

Bjergsen vs Jisu Game 2
First ban from Jisu is Zoe, not surprisingly. That last game didn’t work out well for him at all!

Bjergsen almost instalocks Taliyah and Jisu takes some time to think about what he wants to pick and ultimately ends up picking Tahm Kench. This, again, will be an interesting matchup!

The casters are so excited to see if Jisu can pull off gobbling up Bjergsen and spit him out under his tower to win. With Jisu’s scrappy wins previous, I’m actually finding myself rooting for Bjergsen proving that Jisu is good, but he’s not the best. Bjergsen won this tournament in 2015 and it would be great to watch him in a final with Uzi, if Uzi makes it, or against Pray as both are formidable players.

Unbelievably close all-in from Tahm Kench that leads to the tiniest difference in Bjergsen living and taking down Tahm Kench under the turret. Just so close! Bjergsen will play in the finals tomorrow! Let’s see who will play against him!

Uzi vs Pray Game 1
We’ve just watched Uzi play against Pray in three games tonight in the semi-final matchup where China took the win and moved forward, but both Uzi and Pray were playing well tonight. So here comes the battle of the AD Carries!

Pray decides to lock in Zoe and Uzi thinks a bit but decides to play Varus. I kind of wanted to see the mirror matchup.

Pray decides to all-in before level 6 and even though he stars out low, he just bursts Uzi right down. Pray wins game 1!

Uzi vs Pray Game 2
Again Pray grabs up Zoe and Uzi decides to take Syndra.

There’s a pretty quick skirmish at level 2 and Uzi goes all in with Syndra and manages to take down Zoe quickly after Pray misses a sleepy trouble bubble. Uzi realized Pray didn’t have Zoe’s W of Spell Thief, so he wouldn’t have any of its advantages.

We’re going to game 3!

Uzi vs Pray Game 3
Pray bans away Syndra and instalocks Zoe. Uzi is sitting and thinking for a while before locking in Varus. Both players are confident about where mistakes were made in earlier games and going for the win this game to play in the finale tomorrow.

It’s suddenly gotten very serious and focused now. The casters are practically whispering about it as the game loads up.

Uzi pokes Pray off the minions and starts to create a cs lead. Pray is still kind of low and has no more potions, while Uzi still has one left and most of his hp.

Another all-in looks like Pray is going to win but Uzi fights back and takes Pray down.

Uzi is headed to the finals to defend his 1v1 Championship from last year against Bjergsen, 2015’s 1v1 Tournament Champion!

The defending champion advances to the Final as Uzi wins the deciding 1v1 against @LolPraY! #AllStar2017 pic.twitter.com/edUyeslpxf

— lolesports (@lolesports) December 10, 2017

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