SKT updates 2018 Roster

A League of Legends team signed some big talent as we approach the 2018 season!

SKTelecom T1 is updating the roster for the 2018 season, signing on new top laner, Thal, and Jungler, Blossom. After their most recent unfortunate defeat in Worlds, it is not surprising that changes might come, but it will be interesting to see how these two new players mesh with Faker, Bang, and Wolf. The two are really rookies with little to no experience in competitive series, but hopefully they will integrate well. SKT’s first game in the LCK is on January 17 against the ROX Tigers. Season 8 begins in just under a week! Dot Esports reports more in depth on the previous careers of these two new members to the elite SKT roster and SKT tweeted about the roster update recently.


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