League of Legends All-Star 2017 Day 4 (12/10) Finals

Check out the All-Star 2017 finals! Who won the 1v1 tournament? Who is the best dream team of 2017?

All-Star Day 4 (12/10) 1v1 Tournament Finals

Uzi vs Bjergsen Game 1

Bjergsen plays Zoe and Uzi takes Kalista. They have some back and forths but ultimately Uzi refuses to let Bjergsen give Zoe a win and uses Kalista to skillfully take Zoe out.

Uzi wins game 1!

Uzi vs Bjergsen Game 2
Uzi is sure to ban away Zoe for this game. This game goes long and ends in Bjergsenas Syndra just reaching 100 cs before Uzi can with Taliyah.

Bjergsen wins game 2, we’re heading into a final game!

Uzi vs Bjergsen Game 3

Bjergsen locked in Ryze this game to Uzi’s Kalista. Uzi plays Kalista so well and wins that even Bjergsen takes to twitter minutes later to praise Uzi for his win. Uzi is the champion two consecutive years in a row!

On to the team finals, which is best of 5 and pits 1v1 champion Uzi with his team representing China against the LMS, the other team in this tournament that has been crushing every game so far.

All-Star 2017 Tournament Day 4 (12/10) Team Finals

LMS vs China Game 1
Zoe gets banned away by China, I wonder if Uzi had something to do with that!

Apparently just for the finals, they’re going to label China, which has been CN on everyone’s tags and labeled everywhere as the LPL, the Chinese league.

First blood has already happened but the LPL is low but does fantastic things bot lane, getting low, but taking a kill and giving themselves a cs advantage.

It’s still early on, but things are staying pretty even across the board, which is to be expected of two very high level teams like this.

LPL is up a cloud dragon, 7 kills, and about 3000 gold at 23 minutes in, but it’s still really either team’s game. We have seen China be so patient and end up turning things around from bigger gold gaps than this.

Slowly, LMS is increasing this gold gap, pulling off a tower dive kill on LPL Xiye’s Xerath with LMS Karsa’s Jarvan IV and LMS Fofo’s Azir. I know LPL is usually very solid even when behind and will do slow comebacks, but it’s starting to look more and more dire for this game.

Over 33 minutes and LMS is in LPL’s base, fighting before taking down the mid inhibitor. Sadly, LMS couldn’t seem to strongly go in with the baron buff still up and find a path to take out LPL’s nexus. The game goes on. That’s good for LPL, they still might be able to pull off their usual patient win style still.

Finally at about 41 minutes, the LMS managed to actually knock down towers and the LPL players in their base and bring down their nexus. LMS wins game 1!

On to Game 2, let’s see if the LPL can bring back their A game and take a win!

LMS vs LPL Game 2
With an opening invade, and a few moments of mayhem, both teams set off on an interesting start to the game.

The LMS maintained a relatively even game early on with the LPL, but around mid-game the LMS finds themselves in a bind, behind in gold, objectives, kills, and trying with all their might to hold out until late game.

With a few incredible plays from the LPL, they not only kept themselves in the game, they managed to pull out a win at around 40 minutes!

This game the LPL really looked their best and showed off why they are the best China has to offer with their patient play style. Once they found an advantage, they did not let up and though it did take some time for them to finally get into the LMS base, by then it was clear the LMS could make no comeback against these super strong players from the LPL!

The best of 5 is evened up and with both teams playing so well together, it’s hard to predict who might be the winner at the end of the night.

LMS vs LPL Game 3

*Warning – if you watch this game, you may be put to sleep with boredom or find yourself not caring which team wins as long as the game finally ends!*

I started this game out taking little notes as usual. I was a bit distracted in game 2, so my notes weren’t as great, but this game was absolutely the biggest snooze fest I’ve ever sat through. This game broke records for the longest competitive tournament game for the entire 2017 year. This game ended at 80:01. Yes, 80 minutes. EIGHTY MINUTES!

There were good plays, some interesting steals at baron and at elder dragon, but mostly this game was so tight in advantages that neither team could ever press their advantage enough to end the game.

The LMS managed to maintain a significant gold lead ahead of the LPL, but the LPL managed to keep a significant lead in objectives, downing many LMS towers while the LMS only took down a fraction of the LPL’s towers. Finally, the LPL did execute the win, though the LMS stopped them from winning a number of times before the game finally concluded.

I won’t lie, after this took so long, I stopped to watch The Walking Dead. I actually wish I watched it instead of this game!

LMS vs LPL Game 4
I went back and watched the VOD for this game briefly, but since I returned and watched Game 5, I didn’t watch every moment. The main part about this game is that the LMS players did not want to go out with a fight, and they pumped up their fight to seal a win this game. LMS Karsa, in particular, pulled out numerous steals across this entire match, managing to steal beautifully in this game as well.

By now the crowd was starting to really cheer on the LPL. Seems like even though it was a North American location, a lot of LPL fans came out to cheer on their favorites. LPL players that were interviewed thanked the fans there cheering them on to receive the biggest reaction from the small venue.

The LMS needed to bring this match to game 5 with a win, and that’s exactly what they pulled off.

On to the last professional game of the year!

LMS vs LPL Game 5

This game starts after these teams have been playing for five hours now. And for LPL Uzi, it’s even longer, since he played in the 1v1 tournament just before the team match began. This game, to me, was a clear indication that the LPL had an advantage. As individual players, they are all very good at playing for long stretches at a time and maintaining a high level of play, but the LPL players in general have an air of patience about their play, which looks like an advantage over the LMS, which consists of amazing players but not all players who are now at the end of the year used to such a grueling tournament schedule.

The LPL did have trouble in this game, though. They had Baron stolen from them by Karsa and overall they had a few sloppy shot calls across the map.

However, the LMS was trailing behind significantly in gold for most of the game. No matter what they pulled off, it ultimately only ended up prolonging the game, not turning the tides (as Nami might say). The LPL wins the game and wins the match, making them the All-Star 2017 champions and making LPL Uzi a double champion for the evening!

Uzi is so very modest as the LPL team claims their All-Star 2017 trophy!

The analyst desk decides that LPL Meiko is the MVP of the tournament!

That’s all for professional competitive tournaments for 2017. Coming in January 2018, the start of season 8! If you haven’t yet, make sure to go check out all the new changes to Runes Reforged and how runes and masteries of the old days are gone now. Preseason has already begun and the new season will start on January 16, 2018.

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