The fight for who will reign as the All-Star 1v1 champion of 2017 continues!

All-Star Day 2 (12/8) 1v1 Tournament
Yesterday’s antics were a good sign that today’s will be even more enjoyable.

Pray vs Swordart
Swordart being a support, I was obviously cheering him on, even though Pray is one of the most deadly AD carries in the world. Pray played Lucian and Swordart played Nasus. Surely Swordart was hoping he could pull off what Faker did yesterday with Nasus against an adc, but Lucian is way too mobile and Swordart had trouble catching Pray with any of Nasus’ poke. Ultimately, Swordart got taken down by deciding to all-in when he really should not have.

Rekkles vs Zeitnot
ADC matchup where they both decided to play Jhin in a mirror match-up and Zeitnot just loses without even being able to use his barrier summoner spell. Maybe he was hoping to hold it just a moment longer to make the most of it, but sadly, that failed.

Faker vs Bjergsen
This is one of the most anticipated matchups for everyone because Faker is so well-known as the best player in the world, no matter what happened at Worlds this year (I’m still depressed) and Bjergsen is also a famously amazing mid player. These two always want to beat each other and have certainly faced off numerous times over the years.
And by such a close margin, Bjergsen prevails this time!

Jisu vs Meiko

Again Jisu plays a champion that needs to all-in. Jisu played Olaf and Meiko played Syndra. Jisu managed to all in and get Meiko down really close, but Jisu was also really low. Jisu managed to steal Meiko’s health pack and take out Meiko!

Uzi vs brTT

A Miss Fortune mirror match – both Uzi and brTT struggle to kill the other several times, but it ends up being about who hits 100 cs first, making Uzi the winner! Last year’s champion is moving ahead!

Pray vs Rekkles
A Garen mirror matchup was decided on. After a small dance party at mid lane, the real action ensued.

Pray had Rekkles low and tower dived him to win! He spun, so he won? I’m lame.

Day 3’s line up is as follows:

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By Evenoh