League of Legends All-Star Event 2017 Day 3 (12/9) Semi-final Team Matches

Day 3 is the Semi-finals of the All-Star Event, with the LMS facing Southeast Asia followed by China facing off against Korea!

First match of the day pits LMS against SEA to kick off the semi-finals. Semi-finals are best of 3 games, so there’s no way to guarantee how many games will actually be played today, but there’s a minimum of 4.

LMS vs Southeast Asia Game 1
Most notably in ban phase, SEA made sure to ban Zoe away from FoFo. Ezreal was left open for Bebe, who LMS grabbed up. The casters are laughing that if Bebe doesn’t wear the TPA Ezreal skin that was made for him years ago, Riot should take the skin away. Don’t worry, he’s wearing it!

LMS Ziv gets first blood on SEA Levi when Levi tries to go into the LMS blue side jungle as Kha’zix. LMS Karsa and LMS FoFo pick up assists in chasing Levi down.

12 minutes 1 for 4 in favor of LMS! SEA was trying to keep themselves in the game but now it’s looking like LMS is steadily putting themselves ahead.

From thereonin, LMS just continue to absolutely dominate and SEA was just unable to find any picks to try to crack open their tiny window of opportunity to win.

LMS wins game 1. What will SEA do differently in game 2 to try to bounce back with a win?

LMS vs Southeast Asia Game 2
SEA importantly banned away Zoe and Ezreal in the first ban phase.

SEA takes first blood with SEA Patrick’s Ryze on LMS Fofo’s Azir. Early on, it’s a decently even game. At this point in the last game, there was about a 2k gold lead to LMS and at 8 minutes, it’s so close to even it’s hard to pick who might be in the lead.

LMS goes 3 for 1 in a fight that started in the river by spotted LMS Swordart and the LMS turns an even game into a sizeable lead for themselves with a 1000 gold lead. Soon after, LMS manages a 2 for 1 play and continues to increase their lead. If LMS wins this game, they move on to the finals tomorrow to face the winner of the Korea vs China match. SEA has to pull out some really big plays here to keep that from happening.

LMS secures first tower blood at about 14 minutes and continue to pull ahead with two more kills. Prior to twenty minutes, LMS finds themselves smashing into the bottom lane’s inhibitor and taking down some of SEA in the process. At 21 minutes LMS takes down 4 of the SEA team and downs the top lane inhibitor, sieging the nexus and taking it down by 22 minutes! LMS heads to finals!

China vs Korea Game 1

Surprise, we have Annie top lane in CN 957’s hands against KR CuVee’s Gnar. Predictions are favoring a best of three for Korea, but as we’ve certainly seen in the group stage, China is a strong opponent and they will be difficult to beat through Korea’s usual strategies alone.

CN Mlxg pop’s KR Faker’s Flash on Azir at just 2 minutes with his Jarvan IV pick. CN Mlxg manages to go into Korea’s red side jungle and push KR Ambition off his own red buff. J4 gets another red buff and establishes a solid dominance in the jungle.

First blood goes to CN Mlxg on KR CuVee at top lane under tower, but KR CuVee gets the retaliation kill on Annie just a moment after his death.

A bad fight breaks out around the Baron pit and definitely swings this game to huge favor for China.

Slowly but surely, this game turns to China’s favor and ultimately culminates in my tears and Korea’s loss of game 1 of this best of three. Let’s see if they can turn it around this next game!

China vs Korea Game 2
Faker manages to get his hands on Zoe, and Pray gets Jhin, so let’s see if Korea can implement the right strategy to shut down China early.

CN Uzi gets first blood as Miss Fortune on KR Pray’s Jhin just a few minutes in, but it’s still pretty closely even across the map otherwise.

One fantastic play in a bot lane party swings the game from China’s favor to either team’s game. KR Faker demonstrates why he’s the best mid laner ever by using Zoe’s skillshots to their fullest potential. Korea takes top tower and scoops up the Rift Herald. The gold is back to even!

China does take a mountain dragon, but soon after Korea takes down the mid tower and pushes to the inner mid turret.

Korea forces some more skirmishing and pushes down the mid inhibitor turret!

Trying to keep in the game, China starts to force a Baron and successfully takes it with Korea coming in to fail to stop it. Only Mlxg goes down. Korea takes infernal drake but lose some members of the team for it. Korea is really pushing forward but China’s holding on to them and preventing them from really breaking out this game.

This game keeps returning unbelievably back to even over and over. This game has gotten very intense!

Korea is struggling to pull out their objective lead, with 5 towers to China’s 1, and are hanging around the Baron pit looking to force China away and get the baron. If something does happen, Korea is set to rush into the base. With a failed fight in the jungle above Baron, China are left to try to steal away the Baron and stop Korea from taking it. Korea turns and Pray takes down 2 more, Faker getting the next kills, still chasing them down, Faker finishes down the ace and Korea returns to the baron pit. Faker’s really showing off his dominance playing Zoe. Baron goes down to Korea and they recall to reset.

With a 3000+ gold lead, Korea takes down more towers in a strong push that looks like very soon we’ll see this match go to game 3. 37 minutes and Korea takes out China’s bottom inhibitor. Korea retreats before they can go take the mid lane inhibitor and heads for Elder Dragon.

At 40 minutes, all three of China’s inhibitors are gone and Korea is in their base looking to smash down their nexus, but China’s desperate to keep this from happening and they actually manage to ace Korea!

China can’t leave their base though because their nexus turrets have gone down to minions and send just two out to take down the Baron. With Baron buff, China is hoping to keep their bare, open nexus from falling. Unfortunately by 43 minutes, bottom inhibitor respawns, top respawns, and mid is about to come back up but Korea is back in China’s base looking to finish this game out. Nearly 45 minutes in and Korea loses Ambition and is once again forced to leave China’s base still just barely standing.

Not in China’s base, once again KR Ambition goes down as Gragas and the team fight basically ends. Oh my God, I need an adult, this is getting too stressful! I just want Korea to win and stay in this match for a chance at playing in the finals… this game has turned into mega tank meta.

Nearly 50 minutes, half the Chinese team rushes to save their nexus after acing Korea but just barely don’t make it and Korea wins! Korea wins with their entire team dead!! One more game away to see who will face off with LMS!

China vs Korea Game 3

China immediately bans Zoe, unsurprisingly. KR Pray and KR Gorilla play a duo adc bot lane with Jhin and Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune support is something that KR Gorilla has pulled out as a surprise in games last year at Worlds.

This game has been so intense, I have barely been able to make notes. China is pulling out a huge gold lead at 22 minutes, 10 to 4 in kills, and 4 towers to Korea’s 1. Korea is still hanging in there pushing China away when they can, but they’re still seriously behind.

KR Gorilla manages to use Miss Fortune’s ultimate, Bullet Time, to steal away the Baron from China!

Oh noooooo! China just pushed ahead and flattened Korea, acing them in their base and taking down their nexus to head into finals against LMS tomorrow!

The China All-Stars win the series against Korea 2-1 and advance to the Finals of #AllStar2017! pic.twitter.com/VivU6A62Hy

— lolesports (@lolesports) December 10, 2017

Faker looks disappointed, I’m depressed, and that’s all there is for the dream team semi-finals! Coming up, the semi-finals for the 1v1 tournament.

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