League of Legends All-Star Event Day 2 (12/8) Team Matches

It’s Day 2 of the All-Star Event, the last professional League of Legends tournament of the year!

All-Star Event Day 2 (12/8) Team Matches

Europe vs Turkey
Europe pulls off a crushing win over Turkey.

North America vs Southeast Asia
NA puts up a good fight, but SEA stays just a bit ahead all game.

North America is struck down by Southeast Asia!

Europe vs LMS
Europe put up a good fight, but LMS dominates, with a crushing blow down the mid lane. LMS defeats Europe and go 3-0 in group stage! Watch out Korea, I’m still rooting for you, but these guys mean business!

Brazil vs Southeast Asia

This match went pretty even and both sides put up a great fight, but in the end SEA had a conquering play in the mid lane and rushed the nexus to win!

Korea vs Turkey

This was a ridiculously mismatched match. Turkey just didn’t stand a chance. Faker only went down at the very end of the game under Turkey’s fountain as the nexus was being demolished. I guess he was ready to take out yesterday’s single loss on something! Korea won by a landslide!

China vs Brazil
China brings out a crushing win. Brazil was already having a bad two days with only losses, and this game sealed their fate. China closes out their group stage undefeated and ready to take on semi-finals!

Oh dear, looks like China and Korea are going to face off in semi-finals! I was hoping they’d both make it to the finals for a really interesting match, but I guess now I have to bet against China who has been really spot-on through group stage!

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