League of Legends All-Star Event Day 1 (12/7) 1v1 Tournament

A special tournament going on within the All-Star Event is the 1v1 Tournament where the best of the best players are pitted against one another to see who can achieve solo glory one last time this year!

But first, a report on Day 1’s team games are HERE.

All-Stars 2017 1v1 Tournament Day 1 (12/7)

This tournament has selected players from each of the teams face off in 1v1 battles on the Howling Abyss. It’s a short tournament, we’ll have six matchups tonight, and each round will be best of 1 until the final 1v1 battle between the winners of each group.
The winner is determined by whoever meets this criteria:
• first to last hit 100 minions
• achieve first blood
• destroy the first turret
Players are able to talk to each other if they want (or can understand each other) and each player has three bans. Even though it’s on the Howling Abyss map, players are able to recall and purchase items.

Faker vs VVvert
Obviously, I’m rooting for Faker. Rep for SKT, Faker, you’re still my favorite team!

Faker banned Kalista, Draven, and Azir. VVvert banned Pantheon, Fiddlesticks, and Jayce. VVert picked Varus and Faker insta-locked Nasus!? It IS Faker, after all!

Faker spends all his energy cs’ing and poking VVvert with Nasus’ e. VVvert struggles to keep up in cs, but falls behind when he’s poked down too often. Finally, when Faker is at 99 cs, about 10 ahead of VVvert, Faker decides he wants to make VVvert his 100th minion and all’ins to kill VVvert. Faker wins!

Bjergson vs FoFo
Bjergsen banned Ryze, LeBlanc, and Zoe. FoFo banned Miss Fortune, Viktor, and Taliyah. Fofo locked in Varus and Bjergsen locked in Syndra.

FoFo comes in before minions have spawned and sends Bjergsen back right away to recover health. At 2:15, Bjergsen’s already poked down pretty significantly and has used up all his potions, while Fofo still has all of his. FoFo hits level 6 first and Bjergsen holds up while he catches up in xp to hit level 6, too. Both players are poking each other down low, but nobody dies at 5:30.

Bjergsen fakes recalling and farms up some more minions to catch up his cs and set himself a few cs over FoFo, finally recalling as FoFo returns to minions pushed under his tower. FoFo pulls ahead in cs by a steady few but at 7 minutes, Bjergsen bursts FoFo into oblivion and claims the win!

PowerOfEvil vs Jisu
PowerOfEvil banned Rengar, Olaf, and Nasus. Jisu banned Cassiopeia, Ryze, and Lucian. PowerOfEvil locked in Orianna and Jisu locked in Pantheon. Looked like Jisu is going for the jump-on-him-and-win strategy rather than the cs-to-win strategy.

Jisu struggled to cs and was constantly behind by at least 5 cs. Jisu must have realized he absolutely needed to kill PowerOfEvil to win, and when he hit 6, he man-dropped on PowerOfEvil, who also ulted and ran under his tower. Jisu was low, but so was PowerOfEvil, so Jisu dove under PowerOfEvil’s tower and by the skin of his teeth managed to block the tower shot and kill PowerOfEvil before he would have died himself. Jisu won!

Meiko vs Frozen
Meiko is a support player on his professional team, but he plays a lot of mid lane in solo queue, so don’t think that Meiko isn’t going to pull out some really great representation for support players right here, win or lose! I’m definitely rooting for Meiko! Frozen says something really great, that he’s lost a 1v1 to Wolf (SKT’s support) and that it doesn’t matter what role players play, it matters who understands 1v1’s best who will win.

After a technical hiccup, Meiko banned Ryze, Cassiopeia, and Syndra and Frozen banned Karma, Pantheon, and Lucian. Meiko locked in Azir and Frozen locked in Lux. Lux looked like the stronger pick, so Meiko had to be smart about this matchup.

Starting out with a little bit of harass before minions arrive and Frozen recalls. Meiko gets started on the minions by himself as Frozen returns in time to begin cs’ing too. Meiko keeps Frozen poked away a bit, which is probably pretty important to keep Lux from bursting Azir down. Meiko only stays up a couple cs by minute three and is a little behind in xp, though poking Lux down pretty well. The turrets on this map hit harder than on Summoner’s Rift, so neither player seems used to last hitting when minions are under their tower. Meiko tries to force a play and pops Frozen’s heal for his own at 4 minutes. Neither really wins this trade. Meiko is maybe slightly up in hp and takes an ult, not using a barrier and nearly dies, but Lux’s ult fails to finish the job as Meiko had a potion running. Meiko goes all in, ults Frozen, and both are so low and the minions are finishing Frozen off for Meiko! That was a laughable ending to that 1v1 with Meiko winning this matchup! Nice job, support player!

Uzi vs Levi
Uzi would like to win another 1v1 championship and defend his title from last year. He cutely explains how it would make him so proud to be the first to win two years in a row.

Uzi banned Draven, Rengar, and Pantheon. Levi banned Kalista, Varus, and Miss Fortune. Uzi locks in Lucian and Levi locks in Viktor.

Uzi is slightly up in cs when Levi recalls at 4 minutes. Uzi pulls out a 12 minion lead when he recalls as Levi returns under the turret and has real trouble last hitting under his tower. Uzi ults and shoves Levi back under turret. Uzi has 52 cs to Levi’s 38 as they take little trades and pokes. Levi is clearly thinking he needs to kill Uzi in order to win this matchup since he is struggling so much with last hitting. Levi’s e trades on Uzi have been pretty successful and he’s got Uzi’s hp bar remaining under half hp often. Uzi recalls and returns to ult and exhaust Levi, chasing him down for first blood. Uzi is the winner!

Sneaky vs brTT
Two adcs match up in this round. I’m favoring Sneaky here, as he’s always been pretty on top and he had a good day today.

Sneaky banned Nasus, Zoe, and Kalista. brTT banned Caitlyn, Varus, and Miss Fortune. brTT locks in Draven and Sneaky has hovers Jhin. They seem to be chatting with each other a bit while Sneaky decides, but in spite of the castsrs (and myself) hoping for a Draven vs Draven mayhem matchup, Sneaky locked in Jhin.

This whole matchup is a poke and cs game. brTT tries to get aggressive as Draven numerous times and while they both get low a number of times and need to recall, neither manages to kill the other. Finally it comes down to who will hit 100 minions first, as they clearly can’t quite kill each other. With both at over 90 cs, Sneaky was running back to lane and just missed a single minion with a w. It’s so close, it’s hard to keep track of who is in the lead, but alas, brTT last hits the 100th minion just a moment before Sneaky can do it himself and that single missed minion might have been the whole difference. brTT is the winner!

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