You never know what you’ll find when you go to the supermarket. Who wouldn’t want to have Batman or Wonder Woman help keep you clean in the shower?

wtf-bat-wonderRight there in the bath essentials aisle of the grocery store tonight were these. The Original Crazy Foam 3-in-1 Fun Foam Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, featuring DC Comics characters Batman and Wonder Woman.

It’s not so much the licensing of the characters for a bath wash/shampoo. I get that, make sure every type of product your house may need has a superhero on it. I have salt and pepper shakers and ice cube trays and pint glasses already. Why not body wash?

But look at the placement of the soap dispenser! Really? Do we need to have the soapy stuff getting spewed out of their mouths? That just seems over the top. And a little disgusting. Maybe it’s just me. Also, who was spraying the body wash in the store so that Batman was leaking out of his mouth? Just go to the bathroom and use some hand soap.

Now, the store I went to only had the Batman and Wonder Woman – both in a roughly late 1990s or maybe early 2000s look. A quick google search shows that the line also includes Superman (of course) and The Flash.


Even more surprising is the multiple lines of The Original Crazy Foam featuring DC Comics characters, though The Flash isn’t popular enough to be included in every line.


Here are some more classic 1980s renditions of the characters, minus the Flash, who’s replaced by The Joker. That makes sense. Because when you want to get cleaned up, you want soap coming out of the Joker’s mouth. Of course.

I didn’t catch the price of the soap at the store, but a four pack online runs $21.99 (for the classic versions) to $24.99 (for the more modern renditions).