Subway Shorts – Nov. 18

We have a short week of content here, as I’m only working two days this week to prepare for an early Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night. In honor of that, I’m trying to stuff as much of these turkeys in like mashed potatoes. Oh yes, I yam.

Wow, that was terrible. Anyway, today, we’ve got the close of the first arc of Kill Or Be Killed, a war between Alpha Females in Archie, the Trinity continues to be lost in a dream world and the second issue of the He-Man/Thundercats team-up you never knew you wanted.

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Subway Shorts – Oct. 7

There were a lot of first issues released this week – I looked at Death of Hawkman 1 yesterday – and today I look at three more (with one more still to go!). The ride home last night gave me the chance to take a look at He-Man/Thundercats 1 and Shade the Changing Girl from DC Comics and Moonshine 1 from Image Comics.

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