With the new cartoon series premiering on Netflix later this month, Dark Horse Comics brings MOTU fans up to speed with a new prequel miniseries.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation 1
Written by Rob David, Tim Sheridan and Kevin Smith
Pencils and Inks by Mindy Lee
Colors by Rico Renzi

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of the first things I really latched on to as a kid in the 1980s. I had – and still have, actually – almost all the figures, vehicles and castles. And whenever there’s been a reboot or a relaunch or a comics series, I’ve been interested. When you combine a new Masters of the Universe cartoon with one of my favorite personalities in Kevin Smith, well, I’ve been excited about the potential of Masters of the Universe: Revelation for a while now.

The new Netflix cartoon is supposed to be a continuation of the original 1980s series instead of a REBOOT – like the 2002 Cartoon Network series (which was also awesome). The new Dark Horse miniseries, which debuted this week, is meant to bridge the gap between the two series. The first issue expands on the mythology of the Masters of the Universe, taking He-Man back into Eternia’s history after King Randor, the father of He-Man’s alter-ego Prince Adam, is put into a coma by a pan-dimensional beast.

In order to save Randor, He-Man goes back into the past to the last time the Orlax of Primeria interacted with He-Man’s power sword, which brings the most powerful man in the universe in front of King Greyskull, the man who created his power sword. Greyskull created the sword in response to the Orlax fatally attacking his son D’aire.

The first issue of the new miniseries is written by Kevin Smith, who served as showrunner and writer for the Netflix series; Rob David, who is one of the big shots at Mattel, the toy company that controls the creative direction of Masters of the Universe; and comics writer Tim Sheridan. The trio instantly establishes a feel for He-Man’s universe, giving us a glimpse into the history of He-Man’s legendary weapon. It’s a brief interlude before we get into battle with the Evil Warriors and their leader, Skeletor, who we see is also trying to learn more about the Orlax.

It’s a fun issue that sets the stage for some no-doubt epic battles between the two factions. And maybe we’ll even get some more appearances from the Snake Men, who we see here battling King Greyskull. The child inside me who played with his Masters of the Universe figures in the basement is excited about where this could go.

I’m almost a little sad that we won’t get the second issue before the Netflix series debuts on July 23, because I want to see where this story leads before the cartoon begins. But that just means I’ll have an excuse to rewatch MOTU: Revelation again once this miniseries is over.

It’s a good time to be a fan of the Masters of the Universe.