Subway Shorts

Subway Shorts – Come and Fight

With all the battles that happen in comics week-to-week, the one that got me most excited this week was the showdown between Orphan – Cassandra Cain’s new identity – and her mother, Lady Shiva, in…

Subway Shorts – Twins

The first crossover for Superman and Action Comics kicks off and anyone hoping to find out answers to the questions that have been building since last summer will… just have to wait until the second…

Subway Shorts – Together Again

Family reunions are a big theme in today’s edition, as we take a look at the first issue of Jeff Lemire’s new book, Royal City, which focuses on a writer returning home after his father…

Subway Shorts – Queens and Kids

A fun pair of books this time around, as Nightwing gets into some fights and has a scare and the debut issue of The Once and Future Queen starts off with an interesting first issue.

Subway Shorts – A Spirit Too Short

One of Will Eisner’s greatest creations returns in a new miniseries from Dynamite Entertainment, but the premiere issue of The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers leaves a lot to be desired.