There’s no sophomore slump for Mark Russell’s epic series about the siblings from the planet Exxor!

Wonder Twins 2
Written by Mark Russell
Art by Stephen Byrne

For anyone who saw that DC Comics was going to do a monthly comic book featuring the random sidekicks created for the SUPER FRIENDS cartoon and thought, “there’s no way to make an interesting comic book about Zan and Jayna,” you’re probably right. Thankfully, the first two issues of the new WONDER TWINS comic book haven’t been about the titular characters at all.

In the same vein as Russell’s take on THE FLINTSTONES, Zan and Jayna are the stars of the book, but the action happens around them and not to them. Such is the case here, as the main focus of the issue is not on the Wonder Twins. Instead, we follow members of the League of Annoyance, a feeder system of the Legion of Doom. First, we’re introduced to a villain named the Scrambler, as he escapes from a for-profit prison run by Lex Luthor that doubles as a customer service call center. The Scrambler, who has an over-easy egg in front of his costume, gets sent to the League of Annoyance, where we meet Drunkula.

Drunkula – or, Baron Nightblood, as he prefers to be called – is a vampire who has a drinking problem. He liked to suck the blood of drunks and has been working very hard to work on his addiction. But he is a villain, and none of his fellow members of the League of Annoyance really care about it. But he still tries to carry on.

It’s a little rough when the Wonder Twins capture him and the prison is out of space and they put Drunkula… sorry, Baron Nightblood… in the drunk tank.

Recovery is not an easy thing.

But reading a book written by Mark Russell is, especially with the amazing art by Stephen Byrne. Here’s hoping it keeps the momentum going.