May the 6th be with you! Wait… that’s not right…

We’re still waiting for things to go back to a new normal of comic book distribution, with DC Comics available on Tuesdays and the rest on Wednesdays. So far, though, DC has yet to start releasing a lot of new books other than their daily digital firsts.

At the very least, I have one non-digital first book in my pull this week, for the first time since the end of March, I think. The Flash gets back in the race and must confront the Reverse Flash! That sounds familiar…

Let’s take a look at what I’m getting this week.

DC Comics
Batman: The Adventure Continues 3
Batman: Gotham Knights 3
DC Superhero Girls: Infinite Frenemies 2
The Flash 753
The Flash: Fastest Man Alive 2
Superman: Man of Tomorrow 3
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 3

What are you reading this week? Let us know in the comments!