War is over and a new era of peace is at hand, but there’s still some things that need Superman needs to deal with.

Superman 15
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by Brandon Peterson, Ivan Reis and Ryan Sook
Inks by Oclair Albert, Brandon Peterson, Joe Prado and Ryan Sook
Colored by Alex Sinclair

This issue culminates so much that had been building in Superman comics for the last couple of years. It wasn’t just the story built by Brian Michael Bendis since his MAN OF STEEL miniseries. Bendis picked up on threads that Dan Jurgens pulled at in his run on ACTION COMICS and managed to tie everything together so beautifully.

Despite the changes to Superman’s continuity – Jor-El being alive, the beast Rogol Zaar being the one who destroyed Krypton – Bendis kind of brings everything back to the old status quo. Zaar is defeated. Jor-El is arrested, with the newly-formed United Planets deciding on his fate: sending him back to Krypton at the moment of the planet’s destruction to close the anomaly created when Doctor Manhattan plucked him out of the time stream and saved his life.

The story also turned one of Superman’s greatest nemeses, General Zod, into an ally, which is a change I fully support. It came about pretty naturally with the story Bendis told, as the two Kryptonians came together to take down the man who destroyed their home. There’s a healthy level of respect there now, and I hope that doesn’t get changed.

And of course the re-introduction to the Legion of Superheroes, who come back in time to witness the events that led to their eventual creation. That Brainiac 5 screwed things up and sent them back in time seconds too early just feels like the exact thing that would happen to a bunch of super-powered teenagers, even if they help save multiple worlds every week.

But the one continuity reset that is really going to get me is sending Jon Kent into the future with the Legion. The teenaged heroes extend the offer to the Son of Superman, and since DC Comics has made a big deal about Jon Kent becoming a member of the Legion, all that’s left is to see how it happens.

I wish I had more time to see Superman as a father, teaching his son and helping to guide him as he grows up. But that ship sailed a while ago. Now I get to see the reaction of Damian Wayne when his best friend shows up having aged 5 years basically overnight. The next issue should be fun.