Batman and Superman rehash a confrontation with Leviathan while the other “detectives” on the case get sent away to try and work things out on their own. And Lois Lane plays her own angle.

Event Leviathan 4
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev

After a somewhat disappointing THIRD ISSUE of this six-issue miniseries, writer Brian Michael Bendis brings everything back around. I’m not sure how far the story was advanced this issue, either, but the narrative was fun and the interactions between the heroes was really great.

After introducing the concept of this Leviathan takeover in ACTION COMICS, and the inclusion of his wife on Batman’s team of detectives, it was only a matter of time before Superman got brought in to the miniseries. Here, he tells Batman and Lois about what happened when he tried to protect Amanda Waller from Leviathan. It did not go well for the Man of Steel.

Superman’s request that he only speak to Batman and Lois doesn’t go over well with the rest of Batman’s team, either.

The more I read this miniseries, the more I want Bendis to work a new ongoing Green Arrow book. There is an opening, after all, since his most recent SERIES ended not too long ago.

The kitchen pow-wow between the also-ran members of Batman’s team give a little bit of much-needed exposition on what happened before they came together, most notably to Manhunter, whose alter ego Leviathan framed for murder. The team figures out that Kate Spencer was being used in the same way as Red Hood and Steve Trevor, to distract everyone from what’s really happening. It’s a small thread, but any thread that’s pulled enough can cause something to unravel.

As the book comes to a close, we get the biggest revelation so far: Lois Lane has her own team of detectives looking for information, and they seem to have come to some conclusions that probably aren’t happy.

Of course, in order to get to her other team, Lois takes one of Bruce Wayne’s cars, which gets noticed by the Silencer, who was clearly tasked with killing Bruce Wayne. When Superman also leaves Wayne Manor to track down Batgirl in Leviathan’s hideout in Seattle, people probably start getting some ideas they shouldn’t have.

We’re definitely set up for an exciting fifth issue as the second half of the miniseries continues.