Neron is tearing the Legends apart. He’s already possessed Ray and seduced Time Bureau Gary over to the dark side, and now he’s kidnapped Constantine to get the rogue mage to open a doorway to Hell to get Neron’s beloved Tabitha out.

His first destination is to the Donner Pass during the Ice Age, as a feint to trap the Waverider under an avalanche. From there, it was on to the middle ages to show Constantine one of his ancestors, who helped cause a rift between the human and mystical worlds. Constantine’s ancestor, of course, tries to kill him, but the mage fights back. With his ancestor defeated, Constantine battles Neron briefly before sending himself to Hell to try and save Ray.

Neron uses this as an opportunity to bring his beloved Tabitha back to the mortal plane, and it turns out that Tabitha is the fairy godmother from WITCH HUNT. That appropriately weirds everyone out.

Meanwhile, back at the Time Bureau, Neron sent Gary back to cause some chaos with the demonic nipple that was returned to him last episode. Gary uses the nipple to put everyone at the Time Bureau under his control, which keeps the Legends on the Waverider without any contact with the home base. After seeing Ava get put under Gary’s spell, Mona tries to get Nora to help, but she also succumbs and imprisons Mona until her turn to meet with Gary. Thankfully, Mona still has her wolf side, which works for her the same as Killer Frost for Caitlin on THE FLASH, finding different ways to communicate with each other.

Mona is able to turn into her demon half to literally knock some sense into Ava and Nora, and then eat Gary’s nipple to take break the spell.

This show gets weird sometimes, man.

While all of this is happening, the Legends on the Waverider are trying to get out from the snow, but power to the ship is low and things don’t look good. The team freezes for a bit with power set to emergency reserves. Sara finally decides to just say screw it and enjoy their last few moments with each other, which melts the snow and allows them to leave. Why didn’t she just do that to begin with, instead of risking the life of the dragon in the egg? And the rest of the team?

The logic flaws here are a little much, but the interactions between Sara and Mick and Nate and Zari are great moments.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW continues to fire on all cylinders as all the show’s plots are fun and engaging. And with Constantine in Hell, we should get even weirder moments in the episodes to come.