It took a little bit of time for Ray Palmer to realize that he was possessed by Neron, but when that realization hits, it hits hard.

Neron is looking for someone to allow him to possess them willingly, so he tries to force Ray into making a deal by possessing Ray’s arm and using it to attack his friends. When he goes after the unconscious Nora Darhk, Ray starts to get an inkling about what’s happening and starts trying to use science to expel Neron from his system.

When that doesn’t work, he calls for Constantine for some assistance. Unfortunately, John is out, so instead he gets help from Time Bureau Gary. As soon as Gary showed up on the Waverider, it was pretty clear to see that everything was going to go straight to hell. Gary is useless in his capacity of magical intern and Neron finally goes after Nate, Ray’s best friend, and Ray finally makes a deal with Neron: Ray will give himself over to the demon willingly as long as he leaves Nate alone. And demons always hold up their ends of the bargain, according to Neron, so Ne-ray moves on his confrontation with Constantine and the Last Temptation of Gary.

But… wait a sec… why did Nate let down his steel armor protection as Neron was pummeling him? Sometimes, I suppose, I just have to let go some of these little things. At the very least, they explained away the reasoning why Ray couldn’t tell anyone he was being possessed. Progress!

While Ray is dealing with his possession on the Waverider, Ava and Sara are discussing their book club selection; Mona is off to see her favorite author – who happens to be Mick under a nom de plume – at a romance convention; and Nick and Zari are off to 1933 fighting Nazis as they try and retrieve a golden egg from an adventurers society.

Mick and Charlie trying to collect $20,000 to reveal the identity of Rebecca Silver, Mick’s pen name, is fun, though it reveals Mona to once again be the most obnoxious character ever. She goes to RomantiCon and sees her teammates speaking as her favorite author and immediately tries to ruin it. Her meddling gets Mick to come out of hiding and admit he was Rebecca Silver all along. She’s so annoying.

At least the budding romance between Nate and Zari finally gets paid off, as Sara’s plot to get them together works wonders, even if they need to be rescued by Sara and Ava after they get captured by Nazis. And once they take the golden egg back to the ship, Gideon scans it and sees it’s… a dragon egg.

Way too Game of Thrones for me. But maybe they can use the dragon to take down Neron.

Another great episode that manages to utilize the amazing cast and given everyone something fun to do. LEGENDS is fighting its way back into being my favorite show this season.