The show has been on hiatus since the middle of December, which makes the fact that this episode picks up pretty much directly after the last one ended a little awkward. We’ve got an escaped Hawaiian demigod and a fairly incompetent new hire being blamed for his getting away. And the Legends have to make sense of it all, which is complicated when it seems like Hank Heywood is working his own agenda with the Time Bureau.

Konane, the escaped Kaupe, gets some help from Mona and is sent to Mexico City in the 1960s, where he ends up becoming a champion Luchador. As far as changes to the timeline go, it’s relatively minor – even though it could lead to a revolution against the Mexican government if things get too out of control. But given how Hank Heywood’s “men in black” went after Konane – going so far as to alter the digital video footage to blame Mona for the incident – who knows what Hank’s plans were for the Kaupe.

But Mona manages to get him away from the Time Bureau, and it gives us some fun moments as John Constantine explains the history and inner workings of Lucha Libre to the other Legends. And when Heywood’s secret troops – how does he even afford his own private army? – go after Konane during his match with El Cura, it’s a brawl that would have been right at home as a go-home episode of Monday Night Raw before a big Network Special.

Seriously, Lucha Libre is so ripe to be mined for entertainment, I’m shocked we haven’t had a Netflix series like GLOW that focuses on it. Some great moments in sci-fi/fantasy television has included Lucha. Does anyone remember that Season 5 episode of ANGEL? The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco? Probably my favorite episode of that series. El Diablo Robotico, indeed!

The Legends manage to save the day – and the Kaupe – in the end, in their own special way. But the way they handled the mission may have cost Sara her relationship with Time Bureau director Ava Sharpe, who was trying to follow protocol and doesn’t necessarily believe that Hank Heywood has his own agenda. And that agenda includes having an agent follow Mona and Konane and brutally murdering the Hawaiian demigod.

Unfortunately for the agent, Mona was turned into a Kaupe herself, and she transforms in a rage and kills him. Things are probably about to get really complicated.

I am definitely happy the show is back from its ridiculously long hiatus. We need a little more off-the-wall fun in our lives.