We’re a little behind on our ARROWVERSE reviewing, but we’re getting back on the horse and taking a tour through the the major tourist areas of the DC television universe.

I’m not really sure when this show completely got away from its ties to the rest of the ARROWVERSE proper – outside of the characters that originated there – but it feels like it’s a nearly complete break at this point. Hell, they even made a joke about not taking part in the annual crossover before the winter break.

The show is, in fact, a completely different animal from when it debuted a few years back. Instead of a travelogue through different eras of the DC Comics multiverse, finding ways to defeat established bad guys like Vandal Savage, we get things like a stuffed kids toy being worshipped as a god or, like this episode, our heroes kidnapping President Richard Nixon to ensure he lies during a speech instead of telling the truth. Which is difficult because he’s swallowed a truth bug, which infests the various members of the team over the course of the episode for varying levels of comedic success.

And while the Legends are in an RV touring across the country with a tranquilized Nixon in the bathroom, Hank Heywood, the acting director of the Time Bureau, is trying to hunt them down to punish them for hiding Mona and letting Konane the Kaupe demon get away. Until he was killed by a Time Bureau agent who was himself then killed by a raging Kaupe version of Mona.

Of course, Mona is angry with Sara for her seeming callous treatment of Mona and Konane. Sara Lance is taking up a bit by her breakup with Ava, who has taken a leave of absence from the Time Bureau. Nate Heywood is trying to figure out why his dad is lying to him and acting all shady, with the help of Zari. Meanwhile, Time Bureau Gary decides something weird is going on and enlists the help of prisoner Nora Darhk to get to the bottom of it. And Ray, Constantine and Mick are just there for comedic reactions.

The subplot with Nate and his dad is good. The father-son bonding gives us the idea that maybe Hank isn’t as shady or evil as previous episodes may have us believe. But his plans will not be revealed any time soon, as Hank is killed by Constantine’s ex-boyfriend, Desmond, who’s been possessed by a demon. But when Nate discovers his dad’s body, Nora is standing over it, opening up a conflict that will surely bring in the Legends.

The episode was fun, though maybe not up to the show’s usual standards. But the characters continue to be likable and keeps you caring about what’s going to happen.