Previously on SUPERGIRL

This episode felt so much like a mid-season cliffhanger that I was surprised to see that a new episode was set to air next week. A lot of the things that were set in motion over the course of the season kind of came to a head here, with a final scene that would normally be reserved for a multi-week break. But we’ll get to that part later.

No, first we’ll check back in with the new Director of Alien Affairs, Ben Lockwood, as he announces his plans to end the Alien Amnesty Act that was signed into law by President Marsden before it was revealed she was, in fact, an alien and forced to resign. With all the protests and angry reactions to Lockwood’s announcement, the current president decides he needs protection. He assigns Alex Danvers – THE DIRECTOR OF THE DEO – to be his bodyguard.

Even Alex is taken aback by how little that makes sense.

Most of the episode is preparation for a rally Lockwood is holding to discuss his plans to end alien amnesty, and the counter-protests, organized in secret by Brainiac 5 under the alias “American Alien.”

As if a rally and a protest aren’t enough to cause a little bit of chaos in National City, Manchester Black and the Elite are making preparations to take Lockwood out as revenge for the death of Manchester’s girlfriend Fiona. Supergirl, Dreamer and J’onn manage to stop the first attempt on Lockwood’s life, while also injuring the Morae and capturing Menagerie, but Black and Hat escape. They end up going to the Fortress of Solitude to try and steal some things to keep Supergirl at bay. But Black and Hat start bickering, the Morae gets taken out and captured and Manchester ends up diving into a room where Superman stores a baby sun eater.

That should have been the end of the Elite, really, but the bickering between Manchester and Hat was a feint, and the pair show up at the rally and encourage violence as Hat passes out weapons to aliens and alien supporters. Meanwhile, the Children of Liberty go crazy and start attacking in response to The Elite. And James Olsen is there to take photos of the scene. But with Supergirl, Dreamer, Brainy and J’onn keeping the peace, Hat gets captured, but Manchester escapes, taunting J’onn along the way.

In the end, things turn around because of the protests, and Lockwood backs off on his attempts to end alien amnesty and everyone is happy. Olsen is taking a victory lap because his photos helped turn the tide of public opinion. As he’s leaving the CatCo offices after a good day’s work… SOMEONE SHOOTS HIM! And his bestest pal Superman is nowhere to be found!

That last bit came completely out of nowhere, but maybe there’s ties to the preview for next week’s episode, where Jon Cryer debuts in the ARROWVERSE as Lex Luthor!

This is gonna be good…