Previously on SUPERGIRL…

Back in 2001, DC Comics published a Superman story called “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?” in ACTION COMICS 775. The single-issue story introduced readers to a band of antiheroes who decided that Superman’s ways were too civil and that the world needed to be saved using extreme prejudice. With public opinion turning against him, Superman had to show a band of would-be heroes without morals or conscience that his way was the right way.

That issue – maybe the best single issue Superman story published in the last 20 years – introduced readers to Manchester Black and The Elite. Once Manchester Black was adapted to the small screen in this season of SUPERGIRL, it was only a matter of time that The Elite followed… not to mention an adaptation of their first appearance.

After our introduction to Menagerie last week, Manchester has also added Hat, a rambunctious individual who uses his hat – powered by 5th Dimensional energy! – as a weapon and a teleportation device. The trio, along with a Morae alien (introduced in SUSPICIOUS MINDS) want to take down Ben Lockwood and the Children of Liberty. While Supergirl has the same goal, The Elite have no problems using more extreme measures to get their way.

And because the United States government has started to side against the extraterrestrials in the country, The Elite make a point of targeting the President with a secret weaponized satellite the President plans to use on potentially invading alien forces.

As if being marked for death isn’t bad enough, the President is also being pressured by Ben Lockwood to deputize the Children of Liberty. The President initially laughs him off, but eventually puts Lockwood in charge of Alien Affairs, which is kind of like putting Elmer Fudd in charge of rabbit relations.

In order to take care of all the threats gathering, Supergirl shores up her allies, including bringing Nia Nal to the Fortress of Solitude to help her train with Brainiac 5. This gives us some breathtaking scenery of Superman’s secret clubhouse, plus an appearance of the House of El’s personal robot helper, Kelex! I once named a laptop of mine Kelex, so I have a soft spot for that particular droid. It’s nice to see him getting some CG love.

Supergirl even has to work with her sister, Alex, who still doesn’t remember that Kara and Supergirl are the same person. Alex sets Supergirl up with some assistance to shut down the satellite, codenamed Claymore, which was so secret that not even Col. Haley knew about it.

Between the Morae, Hat’s powers, the Fortress and the space battlle, this must have been one of the most expensive episodes of SUPERGIRL ever, but it was definitely worth it. The episode sets up the three-way battle between Supergirl, The Elite and the Children of Liberty, not to mention the less-than-reputable actions of the President.

And I’m really curious how the Russian Supergirl plays into everything. More episodes like these are certainly welcome.