Someone is trying to make the new Green Arrow look bad after Oliver Queen was released from prison, and the identity of the new vigilante is finally revealed! 

Previously on ARROW… 

Now that Oliver has seemingly dispatched the Ricardo Diaz problem (more on that later), and has been released from Slabside Penitentiary, it’s time for the former Green Arrow to try and get back to his old life. That’s made a mite bit more difficult with a new Green Arrow going around Star City. Not to mention a second archer who’s been killing people – trying to make the new Green Arrow look bad. 

Not only does this allow Oliver & Co. (I loved that movie) to do some old school Team Arrow work to figure out who is doing the killing. But when Oliver having drinks with old frenemies doesn’t get them everything they need, Dinah deputized Oliver to work with the Star City Police to help capture the playboy billionaire that is ordering the hits – but only after he sends someone to try and kill Oliver and Felicity. 

Oliver eventually suits up, without the face mask, and helps the police take down his old friend, and Dinah is making no allies with the new mayor, who is still opposed to vigilantes. But with the Earth-2 Laurel now working with Team Arrow and the district attorney, the mayor would have an uphill battle to stop Captain Drake’s new hire. 

More importantly, we finally learn the identity of the new Green Arrow – and it’s something that borrows liberally from the recent Green Arrow comics! 

Despite everyone calling the new Green Arrow a “he” all season, the vigilante is actually a “she”! After being introduced mysteriously at the beginning of the episode, she is seen at the end of the episode speaking to her father, at the graveside of Robert Queen! Which means the new Green Arrow is Oliver’s sister, Emiko! 

Emiko Queen, by the way, was created by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino during their run on GREEN ARROW during the NEW 52 era, and continued to play a part in the comic into the REBIRTH era. I really like that they’re taking a lot of from different eras of Green Arrow with this show. 

Meanwhile, in the flash-forward, William, Dinah and Zoey go talk to Black Star to find out more about Felicity’s death and the plot to blow up the Glades. Honestly, now that we know the new Green Arrow isn’t a time-traveling William, I’m a little less interested in the future story, but it’s still got a better mystery going than the usual flashbacks we’ve gotten over the years. 

Oh, and Lyla and Diggle are trying to unravel the mystery of the painting being used as a code, and need to consult with an ARGUS prisoner to find out what it means – so they go to talk to Ricardo Diaz! Damn it, I thought he was dead… Oh well, more Kirk Acevedo is still a good thing. 

We’re going to take a break from the main story next week for the ELSEWORLDS crossover, so it’s a good bet that the run of great episodes – which continued here – will keep up.