Constantine decides to screw up the timeline to save the man he loves and a doll-possessing demon attacks the rest of the team. 


Just last week, I was complaining about the lack of DC Comics references this season. Maybe I just haven’t been paying close enough attention, or maybe the people who contribute to the trivia section of IMDb need to pay more attention. It could go either way. 

But this week, there was a reference I definitely caught: Neron. A demon who wanted Constantine to help him take over the triumvirate who rule over Hell, John told him to bugger off and it ended up costing the life of a man named Desmond, a man John loved. Desmond bound himself to Neron to try and protect Constantine, so when the Hellblazer sent Neron back to hell, he took Desmond back with him. 

So when the Waverider goes to New Orleans to try and track down a serial killer, John decides to try and change the timeline a bit so he can make it so Desmond never gets snared with Neron, but John and Desmond’s relationship seems to be a fixed point in the timeline. And when John finally manages to make the change, joined by the no-longer-a-shapeshifter Charlie who wants John to make her a shapeshifter again… well, it’s bad. 

How bad? Zari gets turned into a cat. That’s pretty bad. 

Of course, this is all going on as the rest of the team is fighting a demon that’s possessed a doll. When Mick burns the doll, the demon shifts to another doll – a puppet of former Legend Professor Stein. But as soon as the team gets the upper hand on the demon, the timeline shifts thanks to Constantine’s machinations. 

And Mona, the new hire at the Time Bureau tasked with taking care of the prisoners, falls in love with a werebeast from Hawaii – when Gary wants to ask her out – and gets her stomach slashed. Thankfully, the timeline shift probably helped that, too. 

LEGENDS may not be a part of the big crossover next week, but this was definitely a good way to head into its midseason finale next week.