Our time-traveling heroes trip out at Woodstock and have to send a unicorn straight to hell. 

Previously on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW...

The Legends are Time Bureau heroes! They’ve fixed all the anachronisms in the time stream – especially the ones they themselves caused – and are being celebrated for all the work they’ve done over the last year. The Time Bureau even throws them a party and gives them medals after they save the arrival of the Beatles in the U.S. from a time-displaced Paul Revere. 

It’s good to be a Legend, right? Things are never that easy for this team. 

While Sara celebrates with girlfriend and Time Bureau chief Ava Sharpe, John Constantine shows up to warn Captain Lance that trouble’s a-brewing, thanks to the Legends releasing a demon at the end of last season. But Sara blows it off, until the knuckle bones of a saint that Constantine left in Ava’s apartment start acting up. Sara follows up and sees a disturbance at Woodstock that she feels needs investigating. 

Ray and Zari also head to Woodstock because Ray gets wind of the problem and worries that the anachronism could be Nora Darhk, who he let free to find her own way after she was separated from Mallus. Ray and Zari find a hippie in a tree with his heart ripped out, with rainbow goo on the ground, and Zari assumes it’s Nora back to being bad. 

They’re all joined by Nate and Mick, who suss out something is wrong while spending time with Nate’s parents and Nate’s dad – played by Thomas F. Wilson (BIFF TANNEN!) – tells Nate that he felt sorry for the hippies who were massacred at Woodstock. 

It’s a roundabout way of splitting the team up and bringing them back together, but it all works in the way that made LEGENDS OF TOMORROW the best ARROWVERSE show two years running: It was fun. And when the team finally gets together at Woodstock, the fun continues, because our heroes have to take down a freaking unicorn that’s killing hippies and eating their hearts. How do you take down an evil unicorn? You find John Constantine. 

The rogue magician has the Legends gather artifacts, including a joint from Jerry Garcia, a necklace from Jimi Hendrix and a lock of Janis Joplin’s hair. The missing ingredient is, of course, a virgin, so they con hapless Time Bureau agent Gary to use as bait so Constantine can send the beast to hell. But not before it rips off Gary’s nipple. 

While Constantine refused Sara’s request to join the Legends, it looks like he’ll be an important part of the show moving forward, since he was attacked and threatened at the end of the episode by an unknown entity.

It wasn’t the best season premiere of the batch of shows – that belongs to ARROW – but it still hit the spot for a fun hour of television.