Team Flash goes to other dimensions to find information on Cicada. 

Previously on THE FLASH… 

After last episode’s foray into prime time family drama, THE FLASH is back in investigation mode, as Cicada is still at large. Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, gives them some information that they wouldn’t have had otherwise – Cicada is never caught, but the timeline has already been changed from what Nora remembers. So to change things up even further, Nora calls in one of the members of the COUNCIL OF WELLS for some help. 

Herr Wells isn’t able to help, though, so he refers Team Flash to another: Sherloque Wells! 

Sherloque tells the team what his profile says and sends them off to capture David Hersh. Hersh tries to blow up Barry and Nora but is quickly taken down by The Flash. But it turns out he’s not Cicada. Sherloque is beside himself. It’s ALWAYS David Hersh, he says! On 37 worlds, he’s gone after Cicada and it always turns out to be David Hersh! The team – especially Cisco – are annoyed that Sherloque would charge them so much for a psych profile that has been used three dozen times and that was wrong here. But the new Wells was unaware of the changes to the timeline Nora caused. 

The turn of events causes Sherloque to stick around to pay Team Flash back and he helps the team get Vibe back from Cicada after he breaches with Cisco when the team rescues Joe from the villain’s torture. Cicada stabs Vibe and seemingly blows him up, but Nora’s quick thinking keeps Cisco alive.

I am so glad that Tom Cavanagh is back with a new multiversal Wells. The show just isn’t the same without his wit and wisdom. And the possibly brilliant, possibly bumbling Sherloque Wells has the potential to add a lot of humor to the show. It’s amazing to consider how far the character has come from the secretly-evil Big Bad from the first season. 

Meanwhile, as the rest of the heroes work with Wells to go after Cicada, Ralph helps Caitlin in her search for her father, with a visit to Caitlin’s mother, who flat out lies to her daughter. But Caitlin is a smart girl and uses a code she developed with her dad to see that her father wants Caitlin to find him. 

The action is picking up in Central City, and the return of a Wells should help make the fifth season a winning one.