Clark Kent doesn’t get much of a break, as the latest issue from Brian Michael Bendis focuses on his work life without the red cape. 

Action Comics 1,002
Written by Brian Michael Bendis 
Pencils and Inks by Patrick Gleason 
Colors by Brad Anderson and Alejandro Sanchez 

I like issues that that focus on Clark Kent’s work as a reporter. Maybe I’m biased, since I’m a newspaper guy who’s managed to get a job at a major Metropolitan publication, but I love getting the chance to see Clark work as a reporter, and Brian Bendis is giving that to me with this run on Action Comics. The book is a bit light on the “Action,” but it has plenty of Perry White, and for that, I’m grateful. 

Worst quesadilla ever…

After Perry complains to his new reporter, Robinson Goode, about a front page story – which annoyed me, because Perry should know what was going on his front page, for crying out loud – he sends Clark to back Goode up on her follow up. Clark hesitates, not wanting to step on her story, but Perry tells him he sent Lois to do the same thing to him all the time. It doesn’t strike me as the best use of a star reporter’s time, but what do I know, right? 

It is nice to see Clark working here, though. 

Clark is already a bit frustrated with his wife and son being out in space with Jor-El, having not spoken to them for an indeterminate amount of time (because his battle with Rogol Zaar destroyed the communicator Jor-El gave him), so when Cat Grant shows up and tells him she just read the galleys for Lois’ new book, it doesn’t go over well. 

Of course, this leads to the final page reveal that Lois is actually on Earth, hiding from Clark. 

Where does this leave our favorite hero? Obviously, we won’t get answers in the next issue – or probably even the 5-6 issues after that. That’s just not how comics work any more. And I’m pretty sure it’s really not how Bendis works. But I’m intrigued, and I’m enjoying the voyage Bendis is taking me on – especially since the art from Patrick Gleason is so amazing.