DC Comics unleashed a lot of new information on its upcoming streaming service, and the news has me very excited!

It was teased yesterday, and we got a brand new release trailer today for the service, which is expected to debut this fall.

From the video, it looks like DC Entertainment is taking a similar tack with the service as the WWE does with its app, which is what I said I hoped would happen when the idea was originally brought up back in MAY. The WWE app may be the home to its WWE Network over-the-top service, and that may be the reason most people have the app downloaded (myself included), but it also offers news, information and merchandise for its community. The DC UNIVERSE app is going to have a lot of stuff for fans.

We already knew about the original series the service was going to debut – TITANS, SWAMP THING, DOOM PATROL and more will be coming down the pike in the next year – but it looks like we’re getting a lot more than that. DC Comics movies, TV shows and cartoons will all be available on the service. There’s no full lineup announced, but Superman, Batman, the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series, the Timm/Dini animated universe and a number of animated films were all teased in the video.

AND! We’re getting comics! A “curated list of modern and classic comics” will be available on the service, giving fans access to a wide catalogue of the publisher’s history, though again, nothing is confirmed about the scope of what will be offered. DC UNIVERSE will also contain a community aspect and exclusive merchandise offers.

What we don’t know is when the service will officially launch – though a beta is opening up in August – or how much it will cost. We’ll likely get more information as we get close to the start of the beta, though, since the service is still planned for this fall.