SUPERGIRL S3x12 – For Good

Supergirl takes a break from getting beat up by Reign to help Lena Luthor, as her best friend is poisoned and Morgan Edge expects retaliation.

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

Lena Luthor has not been given a whole lot to do over the last few episodes, with the focus shifting to the struggle between Supergirl and Reign – who happen to be the super-powered alter-egos of Lena’s best friends, Kara Danvers and Samantha Arias. So this week, Lena comes back into the fold and has to deal with the two biggest antagonists she has – her mother and rival billionaire Morgan Edge.

After the Lena and boyfriend/employee James Olsen run into edge while going to breakfast, Edge’s car is taken over and he escapes just before the car runs into the National City waterfront. He, of course, blames Lena Luthor, because she’s a Luthor, and sets out to retaliation. When Lena’s assistant – MISS TESSMACHER!!! – brings her some coffee, Lena collapses, having been poisoned. Kara flies her to the DEO, without changing to Supergirl, for help while James tracks down the rogue coffee cart barista, who is snipered and taken down. The CatCo crew, of course, blame Edge.

While Edge may have tried to kill Lena for trying to kill him, he got the wrong generation. It turns out Lena’s mother, Lillian, was actually the one behind the attack on Edge, as she tries to convince Lena to let her kill Lena’s rival. Lena fights against the base Luthor instincts, though, and manages to save Edge, with a little help from Kara and Mon-El, when Lillian attacks, both with drones and with an awesome Lexosuit – the purple and green costume Lex Luthor wore in comics trying to kill his rival, Superman.

Elsewhere, Samantha is a little freaked about what’s been happening to her, so she goes to Alex to get checked out using L-Corp equipment. Perks of being the boss. Alex doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but it does set up the possible reveal that Samantha is Reign through putting Alex’s life in danger, with the added affect of Alex being the one to convince Sam to talk to Lena and Kara about what she’s been going through… or at least what she remembers.

Also, the James-Lena relationship is really dumb. James rescues Lena as Guardian and goes after Edge as Guardian and you can’t tell me that two of the smartest people in the world don’t realize James Olsen is the Guardian. That eye slit IS HUGE. Olsen is really bad at this superheroing thing. At the very least, have Kara pop over to Earth-1 and have Cisco make James a better costume. End rant.

Some silly stuff aside, this was, I think, another strong episode of Supergirl. With just a few more weeks before going on another hiatus, they’re really ramping up the anticipation.

Show Notes

• We get more hints that the Richard Donner Superman movies are canon on Supergirl’s Earth, as Mon-El mentions the Legion of Superheroes fighting General Zod. Winn responds that Superman killed Zod before realizing that he doesn’t need to know more about the future. Or maybe Man of Steel is canon on this Earth… man, I hope not…

• Mon-El also references a Legion battle with Computo, a comic book enemy of the Legion that was created by Brainiac 5. I’m really not much of LSH fan, but I’m really starting to hope that Supergirl takes a trip to the 31st Century just to get some awesome comics-inspired visuals.

That’s all for this week. Next week, the DEO team captures a Worldkiller! Check out the preview.