The second season of AMC’s very loose adaptation of the Vertigo comic book PREACHER is set to debut later this month, so it’s time to preview the season with a trailer.

Let’s take a look:


For me – and I’m sure many fans of the original comic series – the highlight of the trailer is the amount of screen time given to the Saint of Killers and to Herr Starr, two of the comic’s biggest antagonists.

We saw bits of the Saint of Killers in the first season, but fans have no doubt been chomping at the bit for Starr, an agent of The Grail – an ancient order charged with preserving the bloodline of Jesus Christ in advance of the end times – who ends up searching for series lead Jesse Custer for reasons of his own.

Herr Starr

In the comics, Custer ends up being Starr’s white whale, chasing him across the globe in an attempt to recruit Custer to be his own personal Jesus to lead after an apocalypse Starr planned himself – because the Grail’s heir to the savior is little better than a brain dead monkey.

How far into Starr’s story will we get in Season 2 of PREACHER? Since the first season played more as a prequel to the story seen in the comics – diverging enough that the TV series should be substantially different from the comic – it’s unlikely we’ll get very far into Starr’s story, though I assume we at least get to hear the backstory of The Grail. A glimpse of the Allfather, too, would be awesome. I doubt we’ll get to see this, though:


Maybe for the season finale…

The trailer also shows that the trio of Jesse, his girlfriend Tulip and alcoholic Irish vampire Cassidy will be heading to New Orleans, which could signal that they’ll be exploring some of Cassidy’s backstory and his one and only encounter with another vampire and Jesse and Cassidy getting Arseface laid – which happened in PREACHER vol. 5: Dixie Fried.

We’ll see how the 13-episode second season of PREACHER begins to play out when it debuts on AMC on June 25.