We finally get a full, extended look at Netflix’s Marvel supergroup! The Defenders are getting together, and they’re doing it to some Nirvana!

A few weeks ago, we had that teaser trailer, with the team in the elevator, which gave us the reveal of the show’s premiere date. With a little more than three months to go before the show hits, Marvel and Netflix have graced us with a full two minutes of action and quips.

Claire Temple continues to be the connecting thread between the Marvel Netflix characters, as she brings together the future Heroes For Hire, Luke Cage and Danny Rand. And we get attorney Matt Murdock coming to the aid of Jessica Jones, who’s being interrogated by Misty Knight.

Throw in Elektra, Stick and new big bad Sigourney Weaver, and the series looks like it’s going to be jam-packed! I am definitely looking forward to August 18, when the show is finally available.


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