Subway Shorts – Twins

The first crossover for Superman and Action Comics kicks off and anyone hoping to find out answers to the questions that have been building since last summer will… just have to wait until the second issue of the crossover…

Superman Saves

Superman 18
Written by Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz

Superman 18When DC Comics returned the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane – along with their son, Jon – back to the modern continuity, they’ve been building a mystery. A hooded figure named Mr. Oz has been teasing that there is more to the Kent clan’s existence than what we – or they – know. And we also have the powerless Clark Kent wandering around Metropolis, confusing everyone who had discovered Kent and Superman were one in the same during the New 52.

The advance solicitations for the SUPERMAN: REBORN story, which kicks off with this issue promised we would get answers with this story. Unfortunately, the first issue of what should be an epic crossover was really nothing but set-up, without even a tease within the story, really, of what the big reveals are going to be.

The issue starts off focusing on Mr. Oz (as seen above) and the discovery that one of his prisoners has escaped as the other prisoners – including Red Robin and Doomsday – are seen laughing at their jailer’s misfortune. Seeing Doomsday laughing is a bit disconcerting. The story then switches to the Kent family farm in upstate Hamilton County, where the family was visited by the other Clark, who left a scrapbook of Clark’s life.

Superman Missing

When Clark-Prime goes after his Doppelganger, things start to get weird. First, Jon begins to disappear and then the whole Kent farmhouse goes. Unfortunately, the book ends without revealing who the Kent twin is, although DC Comics does give a list of suspects in the back of the book. Only one of the villains listed makes any sense to be the big bad here, and previews of the next issue of Action Comics has already spoiled who’s behind all this. But the question is, was this individual the one who escaped from Mr. Oz? If not, who’s gotten out of Oz’s prison? And IS Mr. Oz Ozymandius from Watchmen?

I really hope we get some answers over the next few issues…