Subway Shorts – Oct. 23


It’s a double dose of Batman today, with the kickoff to the “I AM SUICIDE” arc over in the main title, while Batman also seems to have a bit of trouble while having dinner with Wonder Woman and the new-old Superman over in Trinity.

Batman 9
Written by Tom King 
Art by Mikel Janin 

Now that the first Bat-crossover is closed, the main Bat-book can go back to telling the larger story that writer Tom King has been telling since Rebirth kicked off. “I AM GOTHAM” was part one and now the story continues with “I AM SUICIDE,” with Batman putting together a team – his own Suicide Squad – to take down to the island of Santa Prisca to confront Bane. Bane has the Psycho Pirate, who put a whammy on Gotham Girl.

So the first issue of the next part of the story sees Batman putting yet another team together (although, I guess maybe the team in Detective Comics was put together by Batwoman). He tours through Arkham Asylum picking out the ones who he wants to take down to battle Bane: Arnold Wesker, the Ventriloquist, now without the Scarface puppet that tells him what to do; the Bronze Tiger, a trainee of the League of Assassins that seems to know Batman pretty well; Punch and Jewelee, well Jewelee was the one at Arkham, Punch was disguised as Commissioner Gordon trying to get to her; and the final member of the team, Catwoman.

The first issue is a good set-up, and I’m intrigued by the concept of Catwoman as the most feared prisoner in Arkham Asylum (just what DID Rebirth do to Gotham City?), but the legionmost intriguing part of this issue of Batman has seemingly nothing to do with the “I AM SUICIDE” story. Instead, it’s a Jane Doe locked up in Arkham, who in a throw-away panel creates a Legion of Superheroes symbol in a fogged window.

The Legion has been absent from the DC Universe proper for a while now, though they were teased in the DC Comics Rebirth one-shot back in May. Was the appearance in Batman just a reminder that there’s a member of the Legion stuck in their past? Or is it a hint that there’s more to come once Tom King finishes his “I AM…” trilogy with “I AM BANE”?

Things should be exciting going forward.

Trinity 2
Written by Francis Manapul
Art by Francis Manapul 

While the first issue last month left me feeling a bit empty, the second issue had a lot more meat to it, and I hope that continues going forward. I’m not a fan of wasting money on a book that takes me less than 5 minutes to read.

When we last saw our heroes – the Batman and Wonder Woman of the New 52 visiting the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane, now stuck on their world – they were shocked by what they saw in the Kent barn in Hamilton County. But what did they see? Clark’s father, having a heart attack because he saw Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and assumed they were there to take his young son Clark away from them.


Yes, Spoilers… The issue takes place entirely in a long-past Smallville, with Batman questioning where they are and why they’re there. But it’s all a dream, it’s all an imaginary story, because our heroes are under the influence of – I would assume – a Black Mercy plant, on a plan hatched by Poison Ivy. I assume we’ll also get a story about Bruce and another for Diana in the coming issues before we get to the conflict.

I groaned a bit when we got to the last page reveal of Poison Ivy, with the Trinity under the influence of an Ivy-powered Black Mercy. The Black Mercy, which most associate with the classic Alan Moore Superman story, “For The Man Who Has Everything” from Superman Annual 11 in 1985, is an alien plant that originally was hoisted upon Superman by the alien warlord Mongul.

I guess that’s why you have to wait to see how the story plays out, to see the questions get answered. I am, though, looking forward to see what idyllic place Bruce Wayne has in his head that could possibly get perverted, like the Kyptonite in Smallville.