WTF: ANOTHER Attempt at Watchmen?

The seminal work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons – the 12-issue maxiseries Watchmen – seems to have been constantly in development in one way or another since it debuted in 1986. Even with a…

Subway Shorts – Fathers and Sons

The third chapter of THE BUTTON, in this week’s issue of Batman, packs an emotional punch, but does it answer any of the questions about the the button, or the missing time the planet is…

Subway Shorts – Back in a Flash

The Fastest Man Alive and the Dark Knight Detective flop through the timeline to investigate THE BUTTON, but wind up in a place that shouldn’t exist in the latest issue of The Flash.

Subway Shorts – The Button

The next big DC Event that is supposed to give clues to the whole mystery of Rebirth kicked off on Wednesday, as Batman decides to examine THE BUTTON discovered in the Batcave during Rebirth last May….

Subway Shorts – REBORN?

The final installment of the SUPERMAN REBORN story hits the latest issue of Action Comics. Anyone who was hoping for more answers – myself included – on all that’s been going on with Rebirth may…