Subway Shorts – The Great and Powerful Oz

DC Comics’ two oldest series give us some insight into Mr. Oz, now revealed as Jor-El, who has been keeping tabs on heroes and villains since last year. In Action Comics, he tries to show Superman that Earth isn’t worthy of him. Over in Detective Comics, Red Robin Tim Drake tries to outmaneuver the man who has kept him a prisoner.

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WTF: ANOTHER Attempt at Watchmen?

The seminal work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons – the 12-issue maxiseries Watchmen – seems to have been constantly in development in one way or another since it debuted in 1986. Even with a theatrical release in 2009, it seems there’s still more to the story.

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Subway Shorts – The Button

The next big DC Event that is supposed to give clues to the whole mystery of Rebirth kicked off on Wednesday, as Batman decides to examine THE BUTTON discovered in the Batcave during Rebirth last May. He probably doesn’t like what he finds.

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