WTF: ANOTHER Attempt at Watchmen?

The seminal work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons – the 12-issue maxiseries Watchmen – seems to have been constantly in development in one way or another since it debuted in 1986. Even with a theatrical release in 2009, it seems there’s still more to the story.

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WTF – Jughead Eats a Burger

The CW’s RIVERDALE, a dark adaptation of the classic Archie Comics characters, finished its first season last week. Taking the usually clean-cut characters in a direction David Lynch would have enjoyed, the show had a lot of controversial takes on the kids.

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WTF – DC Teases Looney Crossover

In the history of wacky comic book crossovers, this may not rank in the top 10, but when DC Comics teases a crossover with the Looney Tunes by including Lobo and Jonah Hex, things are bound to get a little crazy.

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WTF: Bad Comic Romances

When your life span covers decades of stories, a writer looking to do something new might try out a relationship from out of left field to try and shock readers. Or sometimes, the couplings just don’t mix well and it forces you to say “WTF?” when you read it.

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WTF: Broken Bat Hand 

This is why we can’t have nice things. The local movie theater gets a great Lego Batman in preparation for the new movie (in theaters today!) and what happens? 

Batman’s hand gets ripped right off. Who would do such a thing to the right hand of Gotham City’s greatest hero? Maybe it’s not a WTF moment at all! Maybe it’s a spoiler for the Lego Batman movie! Somehow I doubt that. People are jerks sometimes.