Ranking Rebirth’s Big Events

Since DC Comics kicked off its Rebirth last year, the publisher has put five big events that either crossed over between books or included characters from multiple books. The most recent event, The Lazarus Contract, just wrapped up, but how does it rate over the other events published in the last year?

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The Bat, the Cat and the Diamond Ring

The final page of the latest issue of Batman has been all over the place this week. Bruce Wayne got down on one knee and proposed to Catwoman. Will this be the big event wedding of the Rebirth era?

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Know Your Villains: Manchester Black

As Rebirth seeks to set things down a new, yet familiar, path for DC Comics, we have the opportunity to meet characters again for the first time. Last week, a Superman villain created more than a decade ago made his return, and I am very excited about that.

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The Many Lives of Maxwell Lord

The villain pulling all the strings in DC Comics’ first Rebirth event is a guy with considerable history as both an ally and an enemy of the heroes within the universe. Maxwell Lord IV has gone from liaison for the Justice League International to the head of Checkmate and has the potential to be one of the best villains the company has.

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Know Your Villains: Prometheus

One of the great things about the DC TV shows on the CW is their ability to take some lesser known characters and breath new life into them with a new audience. Arrow this season is doing that with its Big Bad, Prometheus. But the TV character has little to do with the comic book character created by Grant Morrison in late 1997.

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