This Week’s Comics – October 25

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s new comic book day! Let’s take a look at what’s available at your local comic book shop today.

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Overall a pretty light week, now that I’ve decided to drop Dark Nights: Metal and its tie-in issues (that includes a tie-in in the latest issue of The Flash, which I’m skipping). That’s OK, because the books I am picking up this week look like they’re gonna be fun.

DC Comics

Action Comics 990 – Not able to convince Superman to join him, Mr. Oz goes after Superboy instead. 
Batgirl 16
DC House of Horror 1 – Contemporary horror fiction writers team up with DC Comics artists for this special Halloween anthology special. 
Detective Comics 967
Nightwing: The New Order 3
Wonder Woman 33 – Grail continues her quest to restore her father, Darkseid, to his rightful powers. 

IDW Comics

Ghoistbusters Answer The Call 1 – A new miniseries featuring the team from the recent movie. 


Also of interest this week is Justice League of America: The Nail: The Complete Deluxe Edition, collecting both the full JLA: The Nail miniseries and its sequel, JLA: Another Nail, in one nice volume. The Nail, by Alan Davis, is one of the great Elseworlds of the 1990s. The sequel isn’t anywhere near as good, but on the whole the edition looks like a nice touch.

What are you picking up this week? Talk about it here.


    Another Nail is an underrated sequel let down in comics history.

    • I would argue that the only thing that surpasses it in terms of sequel let-downs is The Kingdom, the fifth-week event that was meant to follow up on Waid and Ross’ Kingdom Come.

      • THE DUCK

        Wow. If completely blocked The Kingdom out of my memory. That was total and complete garbage.

        • Yeah, it was a complete waste of the name recognition.

  • Tranquilo Baby Tranquilo

    Extremely light week for me as I’ll only be picking up Detective and last week’s Champions.
    I recall enjoying The Nail and not caring at all about the sequel. Was that around the same time as JLA Year One (which is great) and JLA Superpower (which is good)?

    • The Nail came out in 1998, Year One and Superpower were both in 1999.

      I remember spending A LOT of money on prestige JLA specials in that era…

      • Tranquilo Baby Tranquilo

        Yeah that was right around when I came back to comics. I think I picked all of those up after the fact though.