This Week’s Comics – October 4

It’s Wednesday, which is New Comic Book Day, and I consider Wednesday to be the best day of the week.

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There’s a lot of Batman this week… Let’s take a look at this week’s pull:

DC Comics

Batman 32 – The conclusion (finally) to the WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES and Selena gives Bruce an answer to his proposal (FINALLY). 
Batman: The Dawnbreaker 1
Batman: White Knight 1 – Sean Murphy’s tale of a world where Batman has gone too far, and only the Joker can stop him.
Dastardly and Muttley 2
Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica 1
Nightwing 30
Superman 32 – The conclusion of Lois Lane’s confrontation with Deathstroke. 

1,492 thoughts on “This Week’s Comics – October 4”

  1. I’m concerned the Yankees will slip through and steal the series somehow from the Indians. I think our pitching is superior, but who knows what will happen in a 5 game series.

  2. So this Saturday starts my sort of “farewell tour” with my band, as I’m gonna step down as I just don’t have enough time to juggle it with work and just life in general. I may just pull a Trent Reznor and Prince and do my own shit

  3. This record player is fun. I just like playing with new things. The new Foo Fighters album sounds good on it too.

    1. if I ever get a divorce or get really rich I’m going to get a house with a music room and get bang up setup with a turntable

          1. Yankees seem to own him. I think they should have just gone with Berrios. Though I don’t know if he was on short rest or not.

      1. Both starters were awful. Louise said after the Twins batted “I bet you are happy” I said nope, Santana is to old and what do ya know he gave it right back. And damn did that drag on..two hours to get through the 3rd.

  4. The new LEGO Star Wars dictionary is pretty cool! I’ve noticed no historical inaccuracies either! Only bummer is they left out the new Last Jedi sets!

      1. I wonder if I could use him as a wingman to get to Charly Caruso

        (the I Hate Finn gimmick is exclusive to the BoD for anyone expecting an all caps post, sorry)

  5. I don’t know how you like rock but don’t like Foo Fighters. Their fun, their energetic, talented, they still love to perform, they put out a lot of material for their fans, and they don’t seem to take things too seriously. They’re great.

          1. According to I listened to Foo Fighters once in the last six years, putting on This Is A Call on the 13th of August 2014. Obviously with the intent of listening to the whole first album but clearly got bored that quickly.

  6. I’m currently listening to Lazy Bird by John Coltrane, so I’m more of a pretentious asshole than TatR ever dreamed to be. So take that.

        1. it’s pretentious and assholey to think that people are affecting to dislike things for reasons other than that they simply don’t like them!

    1. I like to listen to my local listener supported jazz station while I drink my craft beer and turn my nose up at mass market entertainment. If that doesn’t make me the best ever then I don’t know what does.

  7. Last night I finished season 6 and started season 7 of Parks and Rec.

    The show should have ended with the season 6 finale. Leslie moves on from the parks dept; tom gets a successful business. ron already has a happy life with wife and 3 kids. april and andy are happy in their lives. no need to have the final season.

  8. Ahhh a pleasant morning/afternoon to you all. Hope you were not yelled at because of your pets acting like your pets and waking your wife up at 5 am.

  9. I think the problem with the Foo Fighters is their craft has remained static for their entire careers. Usually with great bands you can see the albums in the order they came out and it makes a sort of sonic history that tells the story of the band. Peaks and valleys, changes and growth. The albums that The Beatles, Stones, Bowie, Prince, Zepplin or U2 put out could only have been created in the order they were created.

    Everything the Foos have made since Color and the Shape could have been put out in any order and still made the same amount of sense.

      1. I mean, he might actually be right, I just don’t know. Or care, to be honest. I’ve never been into music analysis beyond a “I like what I like” level.

    1. I should eat more apples, but they don’t give my brain and taste buds the same satisfaction that salty, unhealthy snacks give me

  10. October 4th: TatR becomes the first Casual Geeker to take a knee to protest the ongoing punishment of dissent from agreed opinion.

  11. I feel like if pink goo didn’t stop people from scarfing down McDonald’s, we’re just destined to be a nation of fat, unhealthy consumers.

    Maybe the next empire will do better.

    1. It’s utilitarianism. Priorities are Cheap and Fast. Healthy is farther down the list.

      Garbage in 2 minutes for $2 Will look more attractive than Good Food in 30 minutes for $20.

      1. Also, people don’t like to be dictated to or preached at. “Oh, this double cheeseburger is unhealthy? Well, watch me eat two and wash it down with a tub of Coke! Fuck you! USA, USA!!”

  12. Do they still make those maps of the globe that show which parts are facing the sun and which are in nighttime? Always loved those in the 90s

  13. You can obviously like what you like.

    Just know that Foo Fighters don’t need your love! They’ve won 11 Grammys, sold 12 million albums, and sell out every concert!

  14. I saw her today at the reception
    A glass of wine in her hand
    I knew she would meet her connection
    At her feet was her footloose man
    No, you can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometime you find
    You get what you need

  15. I finally completed recollecting Preacher in trades! I think I will try to donate my older copies to a library.

    I HATE when they rerelease collections that are different than the original collection order. I was missing 2 Preachers and had to start from scratch.

  16. I do like me some Foo. Pretty amazing given the fact that Grohl went from drumming for one of the most influential bands ever to rocking out in stadiums with his own band

  17. Letterman is coming back, but to Netflix for $2 million an episode. A live, long-form interview format.

    Man, Netflix sure is throwing money around.

      1. Yeah, they’re saying it’s gonna be like “Barbara Walters Specials, but with a live audience, and Dave’s humor.”

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if my parents listened to him, or watched his show. I’m afraid to ask them.

        My dad has mentioned the federal reserve being UnAmerican, so I’m assuming he’s at least a Zeitgeist fan.

          1. oh yeah John Oliver did an ep on him. The whole point of his show at this point is to hock his over priced shit. like.. that is the whole business model and having fake doctors come on to say his shit is the best and will save your life

  18. So that kid really thought he threw that paper airplane all the way across the ocean? Okay then.



    whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we’re there. we don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away. Never let the Nazis have the street
    we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascist.
    in this movement an attack on one is an attack on all, we stand behind each other.

  20. Also… I’m getting Fed over. My boss is the rest of the week the one guy who handles 2nd tier issues is at training and now the guy I work with who has the evening shift today first said.. “I’m going to be late …like 1pm.”
    now it’s “I might not be in till 4”

    so………..I’m suppose to get lunch………………when?

    Also we have these mid term exams happening that we should have two people around for to support but it’s just me handling that. Tech issues and the classrooms.

  21. Went to the ER last night to get the boy an IV. I am more exhausted at this moment than I have ever been in my entire life.

      1. So dehydrated he wouldn’t really wake up it was fucking scary. I’ll be spending every second today trying to shove ice pops down his throat.

        1. I had the flu so bad last year I was unable to get out of bed or even lift my head and had to wait from my wife to come home from a business trip to take me to the hospital. It was hell.

          1. I thought I felt like shit yesterday, now on about two hours of sleep I am so stiff and sore it’s hard to move. We’re going to call in the support staff today we both need sleep so bad.

          2. Way more congestion though there’s been a bit of vomit and a whole lot of poopy. It’s so early I didn’t think flu came so soon but I think we all got it from someone when we were gone over the weekend.

          3. I got it in the early Spring. The real flu too, like I tested positive for Influenza “B” which is actually much better than “A”

          4. If this lasts into tomorrow we’ll probably go get tested. They didn’t even test him last night they just shoved an IV in him and we got to sit there basically holding him down while he went into a full fucking panic attack. It was great fun.


          5. It was so fast. 7 p.m. he was fine (I mean sick but fine) and by 11 he was like a dried apricot his skin was rough like he’d been rolling in a sand box

  22. @timeandtherani:disqus

    I’m legit sorry if I pissed you off or annoyed you. I’ll try to be less Indeed’ish.

          1. You can feel the energy disappear from the building when he comes out. Like, no one cares anymore.

          1. They have to move them all to the hard camera side. And the arena was dark as hell last night too.

            TV show tapings are not getting any fans at all.

        1. Was that a TV taping?!? JAYSUS.

          On the plus side, Randy Orton must take some solace in the notion that it’s not HIS fault this time.

    1. That company has fallen so far down the rabbit hole…they don’t care to make it better and i don’t care to watch anymore at all. That’s a sad indictment of what they have become

  23. That’s one of those gifs I can stare at for so long and for so many loops that I almost fall into it and start thinking I’m there on the scene and this is actually happening right in front of me. I may be hallucinating a bit.

    1. That was really the thing, it was being judged against Suicide Squad and a video of my shit swirling around a toilet for two hours could win an Oscar compared to that.

  24. logged back into work laptop to check some stuff. half finished comment in notepad file, is this worth finishing, can’t remember the context:

    I’d get a proper lego history book. This was yellow brick, ooh yellow brick. yellow brick was joined soon after by red brick

    1. We went to King’s Island back in like 1992 and it poured the whole day. It was wonderful! We had the entire park to ourselves, my mother was like, “Fuck that! We’re going to the park we’re Seattlites rain can suck our dicks.”

    2. I haven’t been to Cedar Point since 2009. I love that park so much. Don’t forget to ride the Millenium Force in the front car!

  25. I need to go get donuts and coffee before the wife wakes up. Then maybe I can get a long hot bath and take a nap. Yes I know my vaj is showing.

        1. “Confession” is one of my favorite stories ever.

          “The Nearness of You” is the greatest tearjerker in comic history.

  26. Morning folks, looks like the ol’ company email is down so it looks like I get to watch the Google reveal in 5 minutes

        1. Depends on what was bad about it. If it’s food fuckups but the server was trying, I try not to penalize for the kitchen. Snotty or spacey, I’ll lowball tips though

  27. I usually have my worst class pegged by this point in the year. I’m having trouble picking a worse class for each day let alone the year. I’m sure this is all DeVos fault.

  28. WALLINGFORD, Conn. (AP/WTNH) — Police say a substitute teacher was arrested for refusing to leave a Connecticut elementary school after he was told he wouldn’t be allowed to work in the district anymore.

    Wallingford police say 24-year-old Kelly Bolling, of Norwalk, was arrested last week at Pond Hill Elementary School on charges including criminal trespassing. A school administrator had told him he wouldn’t be allowed back after he was discovered texting and watching movies during classes at two elementary schools.

    Police say Bolling resisted being taken into custody and raised his backpack as if to throw it at an officer and a school administrator. They say they found two small bottles of alcohol in the bag, one of which was mostly empty.

    ….I can see trying it once since most subs are barely functional and glorified babysitters but if you need the job you’d think you’d stop watching movies after the first warning.

  29. Alright well somehow that turned into a fight because despite getting everything she wanted (including bacon maple bars fucking yuuuuuuuuck) she still wants other stuff and blah blah blah. Somehow that all ended with me yelling “Well guess what? Dinner tonight is pizza rolls so fucking EAT THAT!”

    I don’t know what that means either. I’m in the garage again lol

          1. I mean, you went out and got exactly what she wanted and it’s still wrong? Fuck it, it’s time to walk away and go chill.

          2. That’s what I did I didn’t even slam the door! It’s never good when I have to be the more rational person it’s just not the way this was built lol

    1. …bacon maple bars sound intriguing. Like some kind of pecan bar/cookie or just fancy granola bars? Those would be less intriguing

      1. I’m stoked I got two different kinds if pepperoni isn’t good enough for her she can have supreme just not all the supreme I really like supreme

  30. You would think copy and paste is within the realm of do-ability for 3rd grade. Just had 25% of a class melt down over it. Pointing out that those were also the ones doing fuck all during opening directions wasn’t warmly received.

    1. My allergies are killing me today, I have a slight headache, and it took 2 hours to get to work today……but it could always be worse….

        1. It usually takes about an hour to an hour 10 to get to work. I would’ve turned around, but I have a meeting this afternoon that I have to be here for, so I didn’t have a choice…which makes it a lot worse lol.

          1. There is a disadvantage for being close though. If there is something someone has to pop in on the weekend to set up..but doesn’t have to stick around all day for.. do you think it’s the guy that lives 1h 15min away… or the guy that lives 12.

            Same with morning snow storm

  31. I don’t get hyper political in my old age really but I swear I’ll be throwing a barbecue w/ keg when Pat Roberton dies.

    1. I honestly don’t know if it’s comical how callous and crass these so called “religious” people are, or if it’s just incredibly sad.

      1. It’s sad to me that so many people buy into it. Oooooh it was our disrespect of Trump that got people murdered in Las Vegas? That makes sense where do I send my check?

        1. Just like the people that defended Joel Osteen despite him not opening up his mega church for evacuees. That’s a totally asshole thing to do, but nope, they cannot do any wrong.

  32. Planned Parenthood is teaching kids to fornicate, teaching people to have adultery, every kind of bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism—everything that the Bible condemns.
    Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, 4/9/91

  33. So i talked Louise out of getting new brakes on her car the dealership but she insists i buy “Genuine Lexus Parts” for when i do it…that shit costs twice as much and isn’t as good. Fuck.

  34. To the question below:

    I tip 20 if I’m really impressed, 15 standard, or 10 if I’m less than thrilled. Rare times I have left less, or even totally stiffed, but that would only be if I can clearly see that I’m being ignored for no reason at all. I was a waiter back in the day and I get the challenges, but I also understand total ineptitude when I see it.

    Sit down service only. I don’t tip for food at counters.

    If I order a drink at the bar I tip 1.00 per drink. If I run a tab I’ll usually just tip 15%.

    Delivery is 10% or maybe 15 if the weather sucks.

    $2-3 for a haircut.

    Cabs get 10%.

    Hotel maids get a buck or 2 a day.

    I think that’s it.

          1. I really wasn’t paying attention in New York. I’m not sure how much the Uber guy got. I did not remember anything about the ride except getting in the car. I looked on my phone and had pictures and was like “ooh damn. Who took those?”

          2. I usually tip more if I go to a restaurant in the hood or a restaurant where it looks like they could use an extra buck. Usually at soul food restaurants deep in the city.

    1. I don’t tip because society says I have to. All right, if someone deserves a tip, if they really put forth the effort, I’ll give them something… a little something extra. But this tipping automatically, it’s for the birds. As far as I’m concerned, their just doing their jobs.

  35. Oh I really don’t like this celebrity very much.

    What’s that, they’re eating hot wings?

    Ok apparently I’ll watch them talk for 25 minutes and love every second for some reason.

      1. Been watching off and on for a few weeks but I just realized how easily I fall into watching people that I don’t even like.

        Right now I’m 15 minutes into Wanda Sykes of all people but I’m totally into it.

        1. What weirder is when you find yourself sucked in and he’s just talking to some YouTube goon. It’s a fine show.

  36. Now I’m onto Ricky Gervais and he’s talking about how David Brent, the ultimate narcissist with no self-awareness, now seems incredibly quaint in the face of Trump and he can’t really do the bit anymore.

      1. Someone named Amber Rose is having a slut walk. Apparently, she bangs rappers or something. I’m really not sure what the purpose of the walk is. #SlutLivesMatter? I guess

        1. Christ, I need to learn to play my country songs on a guitar. I’d be #1 on the charts with people liking them both ironically and unironically at this point.

          1. Doesn’t it have the opposite effect (or affect whatever)? Who would look at that picture and say out loud “that’s a very respectable woman”?

          2. like with a gay pride parade.. it isn’t a ton of gay people conservatively dressed quietly walking down the street. its loud bright and over the top because they are saying.. we aren’t ashamed of who we are..kind of the same thing

          3. As an outsider looking in this does say very loudly that they are ashamed of who they are and they are looking for acceptance. I’m not a Kardashian fan but they do what they do and keep it moving. They don’t seem to care if someone approves of what they do as long as the checks keep rolling in.

        1. But there are so many places to walk in Los Angeles! Which part are they walking in? I must know so that I am not in that area when it happens!

  37. Picking up Avenger, Star Wars and Darth Vader today. Hope they’re good!
    I’m not getting dragged back into Batman or Bane.

  38. A man goes to a costume party with nothing on but a naked woman on his back.
    “What the hell are you supposed to be?” the party host asked him angrily when he arrived.

    “I’m a snail,” the man replied.

    “What a load of rubbish!” shouted the host. “How can you be a snail when all you’ve got is that naked woman on your back?”

    “You’ve got it wrong,” the man replied. “That’s Michelle.”

  39. The wife and I were watching Hawaii Life last night and they ate lunch at the restaurant right where we stay.

      1. And one of the symptoms is having a face that looks like a bran muffin left on a dashboard on a hot summer day what the hell

  40. ” Like Saint Francis of Assisi, let us be transformed by the love of Christ in order to live in simplicity and joy.”

    Goddamn right pope

  41. I’m guessing that pic had to have been taken after some kind of marathon botox sesh around her crows feet or something. She looks a little better in more recent pictures and I have never ever seen such a thing. That was like eyeball vitiligo or something wow

  42. Been listening to SP. Softened a lot on 2014’s Monuments To An Elegy. Was crushingly disappointed when it came out but musically it’s pretty tight. Lyrically still a bit weak and Corgans vocals could do with more edge, but it’s okay.

    2012’s Oceania remains an almost perfect album. Blows me away now as much as it did when it came out.

    1. I’ve never listened to MTAE but Oceania is still in my rotation and has been since the moment it came out. I’m so sad they lost that drummer he was like half of the awesome on that album.

      1. Musically it’s just so incredible. It’s amazing. Just the first ten seconds of My Love Is Winter, the looping riff on Glissandra, just… all of it!

      1. So when he was here we went to this bar (where they fucked up our juleps and I’ll never forgive them) and we’re sitting outside and a 91-year-old black lady came by and jabbered at us for a good five minutes. She was really nice. When she passed by I asked Mikey if he wouldn’t bang her because she was 91 or because…

  43. “This chromebook keeps shutting off”

    …checks it…she ain’t lying. I’ve had luck in the past removing that account then just re-adding it for a clean slate. Try it, it works. “Yeah, you can just remove the account by clicking these two buttons and then signing back in”

    “That sounds awful tech-y, I don’t think I can”


    ……thanks for leaving the rest of the chromes with no charge either…………………sssssssiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

  44. PONTIAC (WWJ) – An Oakland County woman has been sentenced to seven days in jail after refusing to comply with an order to vaccinate her 9-year-old son. …huh….good

      1. I mean, if it’s that important to you go off to some 3rd world shithole and fester in disease. I’ve had way too many funky diseases from kids with most of them vaccinatedas is, take that away and I might as well jump off the roof of this petri dish

    1. one of the few positives coming out of this state these days. We are pretty much the alabama of the north with this fucked up gerrymandered republican control.

  45. MLB playoffs have started, NBA preseason, NFL season, College Football….

    What does have as its main story on the front page? Lavar Ball.

    1. wondering if they are getting a cut of the FB reality show. It’s a slippery slope when media, even sports media starts accepting payola for coverage (like with WWE)

  46. Sad thing is I like doing the tech support type things because they’re usually quick, easy fixes but christ, it’s annoying when it’s when I’m walking into your class and I have to teach (“My projector broke last week, you don’t need that, do you?”) or the times I’m called during the middle of a class and have to walk someone through something over the phone while the class “This is Fine”‘s behind me.

    1. Was reading that this morning and laughing. Ancient mystery looked for hundreds of years, but found in Saint Nicholas church in the area he was thought to be from. Looked reaaaaal hard

  47. Pixelbook, a laptop that starts at $999 and can be priced all the way up to $1,649…….chromebooks in the 200-300 dollar range I get, wtf on that price range though?

        1. For laptops, the market seems to be either super cheapo, or premium with little in between. They’ve always had stuff in the cheapo range so I guess this is their shot at the high end range. I guess when you’re Google and have money to burn, why not? lol

    1. mmm episode 8. yeah relax, settle in for 8. I wonder what its like binge watching it. week at a time the slow build was unbearable at times

          1. </