Trailer Thursdays – August 24

It’s once again time to take a look at some of the trailers that catch my as we look to the future to see what will entertain us in the coming months.

Our first stop today is the trailer for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT. The seventh season of AHS seems to be tied to what many people feel was actually a horror story: the 2016 presidential election:

AHS: Cult debuts on Sept. 5 on FX.

Staying on TV, the first season of the CW’s RIVERDALE was a lot more fun than I was expecting, and the second season promises more weirdness for Archie and the gang.

Riverdale season 2 premieres on Oct. 11.

Finally, INJUSTICE 2 has released its roster for Fighter Pack 2, which includes Aquaman villain Black Manta, Mortal Kombat character Raiden and Dark Horse Comics stalwart Hellboy… Weird…

That’s all for today. What are you looking forward to? Talk about it here!

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    1. From what I’ve seen, they keep adding and adding plot threads and it turns into a gigantic mess.

      Coven was ludicrous after episode 6 or so.

        1. Part of our problem is Blanche is all for watching and then after Halloween isn’t in the mood for that kind of show anymore which the first handful of seasons had a big Halloween mid season finale of sorts leaving me weeks of do you want to watch? “no” “so I can watch without you” “yes”

        2. *This is not a joke or exaggeration*

          Towards the end, Stevie Nicks, playing herself, shows up as a fellow witch and gives an inspirational speech to the young witches.

          The show then stops for a fifteen minute Stevie Nicks concert.

          1. I would give the first couple seasons a try. you can pick any season since they are all contained stories. (with slight cross over of characters here are there but nothing you need to know.)
            Again I really loved season 2

          2. I legitamitely burst out laughing and Lady Duck just hung her head and was apologetic the show shed liked the previous season of let us down so badly.

      1. Everything seems to be a few episodes too long now. The Marvel Netflix shows are notorious for that. GoT at this point feels like its two seasons too long.

        1. Well I disagree with the last part but then again I read the books so I think the show has done a great job cutting out the later book garbage and this season I think the pace is amazing. 1 ep of set up then all HOLY SHIT OMG WTF.

          It’s funny we grew up on 22 or more eps of tv and now are like…..ugh……13 is too many!
          You should watch Luther. Seasons go 6, 4, 4 and 2 (which was 2hour movies) episodes

  1. Today I added every version of the word queer I could think of to the list of moderated words haha, someone’s going to be tantruming all morning I bet

  2. 10 lbs down. The belly is barely poking out at this point. I’d say a good 3-6 months of ab work and cardio, and I’ll be in the best shape since high school.

    1. I’m developing quite a skinny fat belly from eating pure shit for two weeks and doing nothing but sitting in a car.

      I’d rather just be fucking fat. A skeleton with a belly is somehow far worse.

      1. Dude, I completely get it. That was me. Not fat, just a weird skeleton with a gut.

        Technically, for my height, I should be like 225. At my heaviest, I was 209. It’s just that 25 lbs of it was just my gut.

  3. Coven added a society of witch hunters in like episode 9 of 13.

    I think I actually yelled “STOP ADDING NEW CHARACTERS!!!” at my television.

  4. Today is he Slugger Factory. I expect to spend like $300 on stupid trinkets. Of course this assumes I can drag myself down to the car.

    1. You’re still in ATL?

      At this point, I’d drop the car off at Hartsfield-Jackson and fly my ass back to Seattle.

      1. I am. I left the ballpark in the fourth inning last night despite the Mariners being up. I was just too damn tired and seeing a million dads walking around doing their thing was annoying me. I still want to see Busch3 or I’d just start heading home. Hopping on a plane isn’t really an option.

          1. “Excuse me, sir? Could you please have your son scream in my face and throw his poop at my shoes? Thanks.”

          2. “Hi, I know this may sound weird but I have been driving across the country for almost two weeks meeting people I only know from the internet on my way to new york for a Summerslam meet up where we didn’t end up watching any wrestling…..anyway.. I miss my son, can I borrow yours for an inning or two?……..Do you want to smoke some of my weed”

      1. I guess I should try more drake….when we were in Scotland they were playing Passionfruit all the time.. I ranted for like 20 miles to Blanche about how this isn’t even a song.. it goes no where. It’s like Drake stayed up all night partying and forgot he had to record a song the next day so they woke him up and he just sat a table mumbling words into a mic while trying to wake up

        1. I just don’t get being into the show and not finding super satisfaction in finally some dragon ice zombie fighting. Like I can see people not being into dragon vs ice zombies… I don’t get people who have watched this much GoT not being into Dragon vs. Ice zombies

          1. I don’t care about any of the magic shit so this whole season is brutal. I’m in it for the political drama between the people vying for the throne. The ice monsters and dragon crap is dreadful and now they’re doubling down with ice monster dragons, yuck

          2. It’s one of the shows we get a few eps in and never went back to.. I probably should just watch without her…but yet Spacey is one of her weird crushes of guys she would leave me for ….yeah I know he’s… but she doesn’t want to hear it

          3. The first few seasons are fantastic. This last season completely shit the bed with Underwood going 1000000000% against character

  5. So isn’t there a way to IP ban instead of name ban? Seems kind of stupid to just name ban someone. If you’re gonna do it, go all the way.

    1. He uses lots of IP spoofs. It’s all very simple, there are mods for Firefox and Chrome that let you change IP with the press of a button. Every time he’s banned here its by username and IP.

      I wish Kenny would stop begging him to come over here. I wish Kenny would stop doing a lot of things…

      1. I see. Well, it’s kind of hilarious that he doesn’t get a chance to even post. I like the rule of “if he posts once, he’s banned”. lol

        1. One time I banned him when like five of us were here and I did it so quickly no one even saw it haha

          “Wait did some moderation happen? That was fast!”
          “Yep…it’s a thing on this site.”

          1. Well, it’s just another reason why I love this place about x1,000 better than the last one we frequented.

          2. I am slightly fascinated by that guy.. like 98% chance exploring that guy leads to the sad pathetic things you would assume but.. to try and wrap my head around that guy is ….something

          3. Just a super lonely guy that is desperate for attention and will go after it no matter what. The rest of us want attention too. We get it by starting conversations and going back and forth. He screams no no words because he knows it annoys the adults.

          4. Yeah I figured all that but it’s like.. so do you really hate gays that much….or just some.. because you clearly hate gays to some degree. That much dedication can’t be all act.

            like it would be really insane if I was very neutral on Peyton Manning

  6. I don’t even remember what happened to the Jazz Trumpet player, serial killer ghost who showed up in Episode 8 of 13, on AHS: Coven.

    1. I don’t remember half the characters on GoT and they’re still doing things. Half the time now I’m like “oh that person died, was that a person I was meant to care about?”

    2. I watched the first 2 seasons of AHS, and then it got really gross and weird and corny with the Asylum and I quit.

  7. 1 winning ticket sold for the $759 million powerball jackpot.

    In Massachusetts.

    It would be funny if it was Elizabeth Warren and she told everyone to fuck off and started getting into Wallstreet trading with her new wealth.

      1. Very much so. We have many poor people who are naive and believe something will save them.

        Unlike west coast poor, who say fuck it and take a nap on a park bench.

          1. It’s one of the many reasons southerners continually vote for guys who say they want to cut their taxes. They think by cutting their taxes, they have money to save or spend.

            Yes, that $2,000 a year you sent to the IRS from your $19,000/year salary will certainly go to your retirement and not new mudflaps for your 20 year old Dodge Ram.

          2. People were talking about lotto at the ballpark yesterday it was so strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone ever mention it back home.

  8. @stevenferrari:disqus It may be some sort of respiratory infection. Sounds kind of what my wife has had twice in the last month. You probably need antibiotics.

  9. It’s supposedly the golden age of television, but I can’t bring myself to watching anything current. I think it’s a commitment issue.

    1. I think it is. There are by far more quality shows out right now than any other time in history. At least as far as drama goes, comedy is death right now which is sad because all these streaming options should mean legitimately edgy comedy

    2. We need a return to disposable plug and play sitcoms. Something that requires no emotional investment. We need a new Family Guy!

        1. Sure. Every week it returns to square one! Laugh at things because you recognize them and never think about it again. Look up from your phone, catch a joke, back to your phone, you betcha!

      1. People don’t understand why I watch Family Guy, Simpsons, KOTH, etc on streaming services… because I can put it on as background noise while I do other stuff!

    3. A lot of the stuff I watch (Person Of Interest, The 100, Arrow, etc) I’m a year or two behind everyone else because I pick up the DVDs when they become cheap. It doesn’t particularly bother me being late to the party with these things.

        1. I really like Supernatural! I watched the first 5 seasons on DVD in about 3 months (they’re really good) and just went on from there. That’s actually one of the few shows I actually do watch as it’s broadcast- though it wasn’t easy, British TV really fucked around with it for years before it found a settled home.

          1. I’ve liked it a lot. I didn’t think I would, but I was pretty hooked on it from the beginning. It can be cheesy at times, but when it’s good it’s really good.

    4. I’d be inclined to watch more television if there wasn’t always the constant threat of being cancelled out of nowhere.

  10. I peeled one side of one log last night. This whole thing made a lot more sense in theory. Feel like I played four quarters of football .

    1. It’s weird to trade with your direct rival but it made sense for both teams. The key to me was Jae Crowder. Now the Cavs don’t have to bother with Shumpert, Williams and whoever else they were scraping up off the sidewalk.

      1. It should also be interesting to see how Jae and Lebron play with one another. I seem to remember them getting into a couple scuffles in some games.

        1. LeBron is a guy that will try to get Crowder in the fold. I doubt LeBron’s sincerity in that kind of stuff but he doesn’t mind faking it with you

  11. The new avclub layout is so so so so bad. For all the hate disqus gets, the kinja commenting system is a million times worse

      1. I’m doing a whole30 diet. My breakfast is usually a couple boiled eggs and a fruit. Sometimes I have some eggs in a different form.

  12. The Celtics are better than the Cavs on paper, but the Cavs still have the best player in the league. I can’t declare Boston anything until they beat LeBron

  13. The internet is such a “let me read this quick and get out” thing, I never get the articles that go on for what seems like pages.

    Write 6 paragraphs on your subject and get the fuck outta there. Ain’t nobody got time for every thought in your head.

      1. Exactly. If it’s a legit subject like an expose on corruption or something, sure.

        20 pages on a day in the life of a Bills fan, or 10,000 words on why M.A.S.H was great probably isn’t necessary.

        1. problem with those exposes is that that they are too expensive. I read somewhere that one internet expose on prison system cost like $2-300k and only made like $10k

    1. Videos are the worst. Whichever guy decided “video content” was better for your brand or whatever than an article ruined the internet

        1. I heard his show for the first time the other day. He is absolutely the worst. And he’s on the same channel as Lebatard, so that’s saying something.

  14. Good morning guys! You think I could get PiKachu unbanned here for maybe just a day? Last night, he promised to finally admit that he wants to be my friend if I got him unbanned!!! You think Ferrari would allow it to happen? After all, my goldfish and him share the same name!!!

  15. Grrr.. I go down stairs because I have no idea what this av request i’m looking at means so I go to ask the person…. before I can get there someone comes running to get me “we forgot to put a request in and it’s starting right now ” so I have to come back upstairs to take care of that before dealing with the other thing which is a skype call… its 2017 you don’t need my help for a skype call

          1. He’s a legit goof, and I love him. I’m just tired of him actively fucking with this place. We have a good thing going I’m surprised that of all people he’s the one trying to ruin it

  16. Out of Atlanta, I got real lucky on this traffic wasn’t bad at all getting in or out. Holy hell though, the other side coming in was backed all the way up into the woods outside of Rome. And that’s like an ocean away those people are never getting to work.

    1. I have many friends in ATL, and it usually takes them 90 minutes to get to work no matter which side they live on.

      1. Fuuuuuck that. The traffic I was seeing looked miserable. I’m glad I got super lucky I don’t have the stamina at this point to do stop and go.

  17. The Daily Hollywood Headline Roundup:
    Evidently unsatisfied with the vast amounts of money she makes by fleecing dumb women with mystic fake products and vagina steamers Gwyneth Paltrow is returning as Pepper Potts for the upcoming Avenger movies and has been seen on set.

    DCMU continues to get more disjointed and chaotic as The Batman movie…The Batman is not going to be part of the justice league universe…because why would you want to continue to build a universe where characters and movies play in the same world… no one could make any money doing that.

    Joss Whedon has cut Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor from Justice League…probably because Eisenberg has too much respect for women and Whedon is a woman hating monster!

    (I swear some of this won’t be DC news) The dierector of Crazy Stupid Love is likely to direct the Joker Harely Quinn movie… that is right this is the one with Leto in it…not the one that is disconnected from the Justice League universe involving Martin Scorsesse

    Word is we have a name for the Untitled Han Solo movie …Han Solo: A Star Wars Story…………….yep

    Gerald’s Game (based on the Stephen King book hits netflex Sept 29th. Carla Gugino accidentally kills her husband while she is handcuffed to the bed during some kinky times and I’m assuming hilarity ensues from there…. or maybe horror …yeah probably horror

  18. I normally don’t get too outraged by dopes on Twitter, because the internet is really kind of a cesspool so I try to sidestep foolishness, but last night finally did it:

    Greg Bedard, who lives in my town and got laid off from Sports Illustrated recently, started his own online venture Boston Sports Journal, a paid subscriber-based site covering the Boston sports scene. To garner interest and build a subscriber base, he snagged 3 Boston sportswriters who were out of work at the time, and being long-time Boston sports writers, do happen to be white men. He put his life savings into this endeavor and it’s actually a great sports site. No hot takes or talking head phony argument bullshit.

    One woman gets wind of it online and suddenly Twitter feminists, who know nothing about what he invested and have no dog in the fight, start piling on about semantics and his hiring practices. Because you’re expected to have a fully diverse staff after being up and running for one fucking month and with only 3 hires thus far. If your response is not word for word what they want to hear, you’re wrong and terrible. And if you say “female” instead of “woman” in an rushed, offhand tweet, you’re a misogynist and hate women and won’t hire them. Like they immediately assumed he went out of his way to not hire women or people of color.

    As the saying goes…”This is why no one likes you.”

    I know, I know, it’s best to just disengage at that point…

    1. Looks like he was out of control on the night thread at the BoD and finally got the boot then showed up with a new profile.

  19. I’m sure this is not the case because… that would involve planning and thinking but I wonder with all these multiple versions of characters if they are considering doing a Crisis on Infinity Earth type story eventually

  20. I can’t imagine getting up and doing my normal routine, and having to drive for 90 minutes to work every day and doing it twice. 3 hours in the car every day.

      1. I actually don’t listen to any podcasts. I used to listen to Austin when I cared about that sort of thing, but nothing now days.

        1. I enjoy How Did This Get Made. It takes the MST3K idea and turns it into a Book Club type thing instead of a substitute for having friends.

        1. It’s only because Austin has a whopping 1 highway going north/south, and 2 2 lane roads to get in and out of downtown

          1. He actually lives in a suburb called Dripping Springs, which is roughly an hour outside of town!

            Lots of crazies out that way!

          2. 90% of the problem is when you enter the highway, the entry lane ends immediately, so traffic backs up on the feeder roads. Then, people on the highway get selfish and refuse to zipper merge, causing everyone to back up. And God help you if there is a wreck

          3. Oh and my wife is going to Austin next month! It’s for work so she’s really not excited at all.

          1. I understand all those “this site is unsafe” warnings I used to get now, dangerous female opinions within

      1. *wipes crumbs/trash off table, put on pants, gargles Listerine*

        I’d do something about the odor but I need time to shower

    1. There are real issues with this in the workplace in general, I’m not pretending there isn’t.

      My story below is just an example of what to me is wildly misguided anger and busting out the pitchforks just to make a point.

      1. Jeff Fisher looks like the kind of guy who leans against the wall at a bar eyeing every chick thinking that they’ll think he looks so cool that they’ll HAVE to come over and talk to him

  21. Marv and everyone… I read through today’s comments, and if you have to ban someone, then ban me and not Kenny… He’s my friend, and we’re not the same person, and he had nothing to do with the PK stuff…I just wanted everyone to be friends, is all… In any case, don’t punish Kenny for my own dreams and aspirations… He’s nice and doesn’t deserve it…

        1. Kenny started appealing as Friendship to have PK unbanned for some reason, and now Ferrari and Marv are starting to get annoyed. Kind of understandable in this instance, since he’s basically egging on the notion of having a troll hang around here.

    1. The true sign of a great friend is standing up and defending their friend.

      Kenny is a lucky fellow to have a friend like you.

  22. I used to do a 2 hour commute. From a sleepy NH town all the way to the Trapp Family Lodge. Nice place, it always smelled of hot chocolate.

  23. We’re staying at home all this week but I’m so frustrated and irritable right now that sometimes the Quality Time isn’t of the best quality. I went out to the supermarket for stuff for us yesterday and I couldn’t find something right away and just wanted to trash the aisle, hurl my basket across the room and storm out. Didn’t though. But that’s what I’d be like if I went to work. One frozen screen on my laptop for a second and that laptop would eat the ceiling.

    1. It’s ok to feel angry and frustrated dude. Don’t take it out on the wife obviously but if you feel like smashing something you really should, it could help.

      1. Nah I’m not taking anything out on her, everyone’s just a bit fried and short sometimes. And then we’re off on our own and it’s like well this is no good either so

  24. So any thoughts on the Tig Notaro/ Louis CK thing going on? I tend to be rumors are rumors unless some real evidence comes along but Tig, his former good friend and still producer of her show (evidently now in name only) really leading the charge for him to come clean about stuff he did towards women seems like a real thin branch to stand out on if there isn’t fire behind the smoke

    1. Yeah, there’s been a lot of smoke for a while now.

      Also, Louie never struck me as being captain pureheart, lawful good great guy.

      1. Yeah I mean one would think he has a family and is a huge star he wouldn’t do something like that …………..but at the same time if you look at his body of work…. that all comes out of the mind of a guy who…….might do something like this

    2. I read an AV article (holy shit that new website jfc) that was low on anything real. Even some of the rumours appear to be about someone else and they’ve just wedged them all together based on something the genuinely stupid Jen Kirkman said. And Tig’s “It’s time for Louis to come clean about sexual assault (now that he may have copied a sketch of mine) comes across as weak ass.

    1. I thought it was alright. Has some real issues. The heavy-handed narration is terrible and nearly sinks the show for me, but it’s decent entertament

        1. ……….I thought of adding (I’m kidding I don’t think she is stupid she was a Dr. after all. I was just making a joke) but thought I would not run the misogyny stuff into the ground…

    1. I tried it once, I couldn’t do it solely because of Dan Carlin’s annoying voice and awkward tone and inflection. Impossible to listen to.

    2. My favorite is Bruce Pritchard! Conrad cracks me up, and it’s really in depth! They are like 3 hours long!!!

      1. I prefer history books, with the podcasts I find myself tuning out since I can’t keep track of everything while driving. I’ve kinda given up on Mike Duncan’s Revolutions for that reason.

    3. No attention span for a 4 hour podcast. It’s too detailed, I’d rather read a book. Podcasts are for comedy and chat for me, not actually learning.

    1. It’s terrible. I use their old TV reviews as I’m watching older shows (currently GoT) and the comments sections were always great, full of funny lines and interesting points (just like here!). Now they’ve ditched disqus they all appear to be gone

  25. Whew this is tough. Traffic isn’t bad but it’s everywhere. Like we’re all going 75 but it’s just an endless mass of cars so it’s always passing and being passed, no big open spots to just kind of hide in. Not feeling super safe this morning lol

      1. Yeah, I’m there now. I think now I turn into 24 or something I forget what the obnoxious map cunt said before I pulled over

          1. You’re in Georgia?!!!! Guess who else lives in Georgia!!!!!!!! Here’s a hint: it’s not Kenny…

      1. I watched the second episode of the first season and thought to myself “this seems dumb.”

        Then I watched the first episode of the second season. I was eating a pizza as I recall. “This is definitely dumb” were my thoughts on that occasion.

  26. I’ve always wanted to do a long road trip from like Miami to Seattle, but reading Marv’s travel tales makes me just want to fly everywhere

    1. I don’t know if I could do it alone. I used to drive by myself to see my parents who live 9 hrs away, and man…that sucked after hour 6.

    2. I don’t think I could cross the country twice like Marv is doing lol, but I can (and have in the past) done maybe 2 to 3 day road trips.

      1. Yeah smaller ones seem better the older I get. Something like San Diego to Seattle, then Atlanta to New York, etc. Allows you to see a lot more

      2. I haven’t gone quite as far, but I did go from CA to WV in 1994, came back a year later, then drove from AZ to WI in 2005, then did a tour that took me from WI to a number of states including CA & WI in 2009. My grandfather passed in 2009 or 2010; when that happened, I flew out for services and drove back in his SUV, which I inherited.

  27. Woah, just perusing the comments this morning….looks like I missed quite a night last night….I always miss the absurd stuff lol.

  28. SunTrust by the way is a glorious park, maybe Top Ten. It would be Top Five if the skyline outside the stadium was worth a shit rather than just being glass buildings with giant NBC and Comcast logos. I 100% believe those buildings were built strictly to have advertising on them and probably have 80% empty floors

    1. It was nice though I had two seperate ushers give me I unrequested tours through different parts. They were just so excited to show off their spot and I don’t blame them.

    2. Nice stadium built under questionable pretenses lol. As long as public money isn’t being used to build stadiums, I don’t care how often teams do it.

  29. Checking the Slugger museum hours, Jesus they close at 5pm haha

    I’m going to have to go in the morning because the four hour drive to STL. I’m stopping way too much today to make it in time.

  30. Who is the epitome of a character that looked way older than the character that they were playing. Stuff like WHAS doesn’t count.

          1. The other girls besides Andrea were young looking because they weren’t much more than 18. The guys and Andrea were old. David was young too.

          2. Yep, was gonna say, the girls other than Andrea, and BAG actually kind of looked like teenagers (at least in the early years of the show). It was silly, but didn’t really hurt the entertainment value though.

    1. James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. Although he actually was young. I think he was just traumatised by all the bummings he took from casting directors (allegedly).

  31. Huh, apparently the tropical storm will now become a hurricane, and evac warnings are being issued from Corpus Christi to Houston

  32. The did 11th grade twice in 90210. The first season they were juniors then they came back after the summer and still were in the same grade. lmao

    1. I actually think it was kind of funny how a show about a bunch of rich, white kids in California was surprisingly popular among black folks as well. I remember almost everybody in my high school watched the show regularly and talked about it.

      1. It was a teen show that dealt with real shit. Not in a g rated way either like Saved by the Bell. They actually had sex, drank and did drugs. Real drugs. Not caffeine pills.

          1. They still had shit going on. They weren’t 100% perfect and chipper. Mrs Walsh wanted to bang that other dude at one point.

    1. We’ve skipped a couple of episodes. Lonely Heart, I Fall to Pieces, and Sense & Sensitivity. Looking ahead, I don’t think we’ll skip any more. How is it going? Well, it’s one of my all time fave shows, so good.

    1. I bet if you get past the obviously dated 90s references and influences, the meat of the show probably still holds up today.

        1. Whenever I do run into an old episode, I end up just laughing at it, and since I did watch the show when it was originally on, I can go back to what I was thinking at the time.

        1. That show is great until they get to college.

          In college, it goes from great to okay.

          After college, it goes from okay to fucking terrible.

          Except for Valerie Malone. We all know that.

          1. Yeah. When characters like Brenda, Andrea and Dylan left, it started to get bad. Then when they graduated, they should have ended it there. The last couple of seasons were garbage.

          2. Yep, I would say so, although I haven’t seen most of the post college shows since they originally aired, I might take a second viewing of them to see if my views have changed.

          3. The post-college episodes feel like a Melrose Place knock-off, and they try to add new characters and they just all suck.

          4. Yeah, most of the new characters did suck, although I wonder how much of it was actual sucking, vs the new characters just didn’t hold a candle to the iconic holdovers.

  33. I remember at RSPWFA2 when a bunch of the Place To Be people started doing 90210 livewatches and called themselves The 9021BR0s

    I was an honorary member since my mom made us watch Melrose Place every Monday night during dinner

      1. I”ve never watched Melrose Place. I can’t say I actively hated it, but it felt like the shows seemed similar enough that I felt like I didn’t need to watch both.

    1. Never has seen Melrose Place. Looks too 90s to go back and watch. Early seasons of Buffy are too 90s and that mostly dealt with supernatural shit.

          1. Fair enough lol, I guess being a teenager at the time, it’s easier for me to just roll with that and not just completely roll my eyes at it.

          2. So you don’t like watching any old TV or movies before your time?

            I mean, I wasn’t around in the 50’s and 60’s, but I would have missed out on amazing things if I didn’t listen to the music or watch the movies from those decades.

          3. It depends. Some I can, some I can’t. Depends on how cheesy and how tied to the decade it was.

            I think music is a bit different.

    2. I watched 90210 a bit but I never saw Melrose.

      My mom has a pathological hatred of soap operas (which would include both of those programs under her definition) but she let me watch 90210 I think because it was a high school setting.

    3. Then that one guy called us too cliqueish. Then I felt bad and started a reply, but Andy beat me to it with a diplomatic “hey man, FUCK YOU.” The end.

      Hey Jedi.

  34. Blake Bortles. LOL

    If anything makes me feel better about being a Browns fan, it’s knowing that it’s equally as terrible being a Jags fan.

      1. And as a coach, you can say “they both suck, I’m not responsible for signing/drafting them”, so why stress over it lol.

  35. I-24 between Chattanooga and Nashville is without a doubt one of the prettiest highways in the nation. Only the Columbia River Gorge beats it.

  36. Fun Fact: Last night I watched an episode of Supernatural that was written by Ben Edlund. The creator of The Tick.

    So I looked it up, turns out Edlund wrote 24 episodes of Supernatural.

    Another fun fact: He co-wrote Titan AE with Joss Whedon and John August.

          1. I actually really dig it. Season 2 isn’t as good as Season 1, but it’s still really entertaining. It’s kind of one of those shows you can just flip on and half-watch. It’s not a chore.

      1. Haha. I was kinda testing myself to see how long I could do without them. One of my eyes has actually improved from my last prescription

  37. Wendy’s is apparently HUGE here. There’s been one at every exit south of the Mason-Dixon. I think there are like three total locations in all of Washington state lol

        1. Agreed. Especially when you hit a good one with a franchise owner who takes pride in it.

          You get those sometimes, and the staff is friendly and the food tastes fresher.

  38. Just went over to the other place, because sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me, and I see “Friendship” over there making a deal out of PK being banned, and the idea that he was almost banned himself.

    A smidgen of what I would call shit-talking seemed to occur as well.

        1. Yeah i can’t figure out if he really does think he is being funny or if it’s a little of that and a little he doesn’t think anyone should be banned ever and just wont drop it

          1. I really wish people would stop thinking there are ZOMG BOARD WARZ~!!1! Like, all of us here want to shitpost about things we’re watching or what we’re doing during work. Over there is for wrestling talk. Nothing wrong with that at all

          2. Yeah really, if you think there’s a “war” between the sites….I honestly just don’t know what to say to a person like that. It’s making something out of nothing, and frankly is extremely silly.

        1. That doesn’t bother me a bit. That he insists on trying to ruin this place despite being asked every fucking possible way to stop does.

          I’m not letting this place turn into another shithole full of gimmickry

    1. To be fair (and this is the last time I’ll talk about it lol), he had a comment saying that PK is being an Ultimate Warrior/Donald Trump parody. Which, isn’t implausible, but a)can be construed as highly offensive if you don’t get it the reference and b)is just tiring to hear after awhile. You hear that shit in the news everyday, or on just about any politics website these days, and I”d rather not see it here…..just my two cents.

    2. I honestly just sort my posts between here stuff and there stuff. I come here to talk to you fellows, not discuss over there.

  39. I’m really excited about my usual Thursday dinner tonight of a Chicken Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, and Miller Lite. Due to dates and dinner with family, I haven’t had this in five weeks now

  40. I went to this concert last night. It was Dave Chappelle and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def). I’ve seen Chappelle a bunch of times over the years, so I was there for Mos Def. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

    Mos Def brought Slick Rick out. (OMG) Then he brought Talib Kweli out and they performed almost the entire Blackstar album (OMG!!!) Then Hi-Tek came out and I almost cried…

    During the intermission, Bill Bellamy performed. (Good to see he’s still alive)
    Then Chris freaking Tucker came out and did stand-up!!
    Then Jerry Seinfeld came out and did a full set!!!!!!!

    Then Chappelle hit the stage and crushed it. Amazing night!

    1. Sounds like a great show but I can’t help but lol at Bill Bellamy getting the death slot. Hey, I guess it’s something

        1. We saw Seinfled once but it was in a huge arena and that wasn’t great. In a smaller venue it would be cool, esp as a surprise

    1. Yeah, I’m about 200 miles from where it’s going to hit land, but now they’re saying it’s going to hit somewhere between Corpus and Houston and stall out, which will probably lead to flooding in Houston

    1. I haven’t had a slice of pizza in 5 weeks now. This may be the longest amount of time I’ve spent without pizza in my mouth since I was 5.

  41. I’m not Friendship. I’ve been having fun with everyone thinking I am. Rudo and I have been playing a very elaborate joke on everyone. I don’t even go to the BoD anymore. They pissed me off with constantly making fun of indie wrestling and then becoming an Adam Cole fan site..

      1. People believe what they want to believe. That’s why I wore the shirts and brought the doll with me. I thought it was funny people were so convinced of it when the only person who knows me outside the blog was adament it wasn’t me. If people are going to accuse me of stuff, I’m going to have fun with it.

        I told people when it started it wasn’t me, but no one believed me then, so I played into it.

          1. I’m not Friendship. I never was. I got tired of arguing it wasn’t me, so I got together with the other merry prankster, Rudo, and played into it. We mostly copied everything from NJPW.

  42. hmmm……..

    ” Amazon has developed an algorithm that can design clothing by analyzing a bunch of images to copy the style and then apply it to new items generated from scratch, reports MIT. Amazon is focussing heavily on fashion, and has previously said it’s looking to become “the best place to buy fashion online,” so designing its own pieces pinned to current trends seems like a logical move.”

    1. They have that camera thing in the works that will take pictures of you and come up with a wardrobe or something.

      Much like the first few months I got a GPS (when I was determined to see how high I could get the “max speed”), I’m sure if I get this thing, my goal will be how horribly I can get it to dress me.

  43. I’m sorry I played along with the Friendship thing. Everyone but Dwayne was so sure of it, so I just played into it. Then Rudo and I came up with a bunch of stuff we thought was funny.

    1. If you say its not you, it’s not you. I’ll take your word. But like Devin said, then maybe it’s time to end the Friendship posts.

    1. I just saw that. I also read something about a car driving through a pro-trans rally in Minneapolis and hitting 3 people.

      Eventually everyone who’s not a neo-Nazi is going to figure out they’re now the majority when they combine and it’s not going to be good for the crazy white guys.

    1. I don’t know. Probably somewhere in New England if, in this hypothetical world, I made the type of money to live comfortably in that area.

    2. Can’t move north cause I don’t do cold. AZ is too hot and Florida is a toilet bowl. Can’t live in the bread basket cause black. Running out of states. Maybe in northern Georgia.

  44. Here’s what the Friendship thing taught me:

    Dwayne knows me better than I do
    Rudo is vicious with his pranks.

    Friendship is either Rudo or Minion…pretty sure it’s Minion.

        1. It would actually be kind of funny if the entire Geekery went back to the Daily Thread at once and caused it to explode.

      1. Please do. I apologize for suggesting any of this. Obviously it’s impossible to get away from shitty wrestling people and their shitty bits

  45. I also apologize for pranking everyone this past weekend. You all worked yourself into a shoot, though. All I had to do was wear a shirt and carry a doll to push it over the edge.

          1. People deserve what they got for convincing themselves. I said it wasn’t me at the start, but everyone yelled me down. Like I wouldn’t know what accounts I have….

          2. That’s why I didn’t keep arguing. I said you weren’t and I knew it. People didn’t want to hear that so I just moved on.

          3. If people don’t want to believe one of my best friends, then oh well. I didn’t even think the Friday stunt would work after you talked to them. I thought I was going to be wearing a dumb shirt and carrying a doll at a bar like an idiot.

          1. That’s too bad. He’s a nice guy who also enjoys putting a lot of time and money into pranking friends.

            We wouldn’t prank you if we didn’t like you guys.

          2. That’s the part that bothered me. The whole Friendship thing never bothered me, and if it isn’t Kenny, who gives a fuck….but it’s the whole PK shit over the last 12 hours that bugs me more than anything, because it’s purposely trying to start shit for no reason.

          1. I didn’t either. My quote was “He’s as much a part of this as I am.” I also said, “I’m not the only one….” but that was purposely vague.

            You guys convinced yourselves of it after Dwayne spent a night trying to tell you otherwise.

      1. I was trying to explain to you guys at the bar and you guys didn’t want to hear it. The Friday thing took it to another level which I get why people got mad. Even I was like oh shit.

        1. That was Rudo and I working together. We’re both blue collar pranksters. If people want to be mad, they can be mad. It seems silly, since who would take time planning a prank for people unless they liked them?

          1. I’m just making it clear that I tried to bring out the truth and people thought I was joking or in denial or whatever.

          2. I did, too, but no one wanted to hear it, so I went to prank level. If people want to be mad, that’s probably a reasonable reaction.

    1. I remember the sucttle butt when Pedro did it for the Expos twenty years ago, but seeing him lose it on a homerun was great