Doctor Who – Series 10 Ep. 7 – “The Pyramid at the End of the World”


On this week’s episode of Doctor Who, the alien monks put their plan into motion. But is their goal to conquer humanity, or to save it for a price?

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Ranking the Seasons: The Arrowverse 2016-17 Seasons

Last week, the Arrowverse finished the latest season with a bang, as the season finales for Supergirl, Flash and Arrow all aired. How do their seasons, along with Legends of Tomorrow, rank against each other?

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Big Steaming Pile – Autobahn Police Simulator

It’s not terribly uncommon for video games to put you in the shoes of a law enforcement officer. From Police Quest to the SWAT series to True Crime: Streets of L.A. to the immortal TimeCop, there are plenty of titles out there that make you one of the boys in blue.

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Know Your Villains: Manchester Black

As Rebirth seeks to set things down a new, yet familiar, path for DC Comics, we have the opportunity to meet characters again for the first time. Last week, a Superman villain created more than a decade ago made his return, and I am very excited about that.

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