Hazy and taut.

Ever since Soren Bryce released her debut EP as Tummyache in 2019, she’s showed no signs of slowly down, gradually dropping one great single after another, all with their own vibe. From the punk roar of “DIY!” to the 90s-influenced alt-rock of “Soak,” she’s displayed a deft range of strong performances. “porcupine” is her most low-key out of her releases so far this year, but is certainly her most emotionally-powerful. Over a mix of echoing, spidery guitar melodies and a tense, fuzzy riff, Bryce sings with an undercurrent of regret over her negative reactions to personal strife.

“I think because I could be so abrasive and cold when confronted with emotional conflicts… the name just kind of stuck and when I came around to writing this record it was something I reflected on a lot,” Bryce said about the title, comparing herself to a porcupine’s guarded, prickly armor. It’s a wonderfully self-reflective song that combines an excellent vocal shot through with self-doubt with sinewy guitar work.

“porcupine” is out now.