The progressive, ever-changing band returns with their first new song in over 12 years.

For longtime fans of Steven Wilson and all his various bands and projects, it felt like the chapter on his original group, Porcupine Tree, had closed long ago. Over the last decade, Wilson has primarily focused on his solo career, crafting many fantastic, varied albums along the way. With the release of his latest album, The Future Bites, the last thought on anyone’s radar was that Porcupine Tree would return from the dead. And yet, here they are with their first new song in 12 years!

The band has returned as a three-piece with the ever-changing “Harridan,” a track that feels like the next step from the varied and heavy tones of The Incident. Led by a thrilling, racing bass line and Gavin Harrison’s crazed percussion, the eight-minute track blitzes through different moods and arrangements, all building up to a quick but ascendent chorus. As Richard Barbieri’s synth lines bubble underneath, Wilson’s guitar sways between feather-light touches and earth-shaking distortion, moving forward with a confident and clarity only found from a band that has perfected in creating length, wonderfully evolving epics.

“Harridan” will be included on Porcupine Tree’s new album, CLOSURE / CONTINUATION, out on June 24, 2022 via Music For Nations/Megaforce Records.