Driving forward the story of Princess Wiko

Minneapolis artist and musician Frances Priya Anczarski, known as FPA, is prepping for the release of her new album, Princess Wiko, the story of a young woman of noble birth facing strife and challenges on the path to self-discovery. Part of that journey comes in the beautiful piano ballad, “The Loved One.” Mostly moving forward on featherlight keys and FPA’s whispery, passionate, heartbroken vocals, it’s a stunningly serene piece of music. You can’t help but get caught in its beautiful web.

On the song, FPA said, “It is the moment that our heroine, Princess Wiko, is able to realize that through loving another person, she is able to overcome her own selfishness. When she gets a taste of what she deems to be true, all-encompassing love—one that surpasses the ‘self’ or ego—it is something that transports her (temporarily) to another dimension of being.”

Princess Wiko is out on Nov. 5 via 37d03d.