A hurricane of a punk anthem.

Philadelphia punk rockers Rid of Me are the type of band that creates a chaotic swirl of energy that draws in everyone who listens. Following their debut EP last year, the four-piece returns with “Myself,” a track that blitzes forward with distorted guitars. It’s the type of song that makes you want to start jumping around in a dark, underground venue, but also has the projection and scope of running through an open field at full speed. In any case, it’s a jolt of lightning to your senses, an explosive statement of a new band making their presence felt.

“The song itself is about depths — of loneliness, of projection of wants onto others, of fear, of needing friends, of needing oneself through and though. Knowing that self and how easily and quickly that can level and crash. Focus and acknowledgement,” said singer Itarya Rosenberg, her belting voice providing a powerful propulsion for the song.

Rid of Me’s debut full-length album, Travelling, is out on 12/3 via Knife Hits Records.