A fuzzed-out rocker.

Brooklyn-based four-piece Razor Braids certainly know how to make an entrance. With the release of the first single off their upcoming debut album, “Not Dead, Not Yet,” they’ve made a splash with a upbeat, distorted rock anthem that’s built to get heads moving and audiences dancing.

“Not Dead, Not Yet” blitzes forward with crackling guitars and a marching, propulsive rhythm, the type of song that strums through chords during the verses, only to slip into a great, earworm riff. “Did I make you up?/ Just like smoke you’re gone/ An idea to prove, I’m not alone,” Hollye Bynum sings, working through acceptance of her personal struggles, but also promising to “survive the looming goodbye.”

“Not Dead, Not Yet” will appear on Razor Braids’ debut record, I Could Cry Right Now If You Wanted Me To, out on Dec. 4.